What is the best rate to lose weight? I think that thanks to this rule I avoided the yo-yo effect

What is the best rate to lose weight?  I think that thanks to this rule I avoided the yo-yo effect

Quickly getting rid of unwanted kilograms is extremely tempting, but only seemingly attractive. We explain the best pace to lose weight so that it is appropriate for our body.

“I want to lose weight” – this is one of the most common goals when spring begins. After all, who among us doesn't dream of being able to boast about their beautiful figure, for example on the beach, in just a few months? However, you must remember that losing weight should, above all, be healthy. You must put emphasis on proper nutrition, including a caloric deficit, but this will also require systematic physical activity.

What is the best rate to lose weight?

Each of us would like to lose weight as quickly as possible, that's obvious. However, losing weight too quickly can be harmful to your health for many reasons. Drastically reducing caloric intake may lead to nutrient deficiencies, which in turn may negatively affect the functioning of our entire body and lead to various health problems, such as a weakened immune system or hormonal disorders. Additionally, losing weight too quickly may contribute to the yo-yo effect.

So at what rate should you lose weight? It is assumed that weight loss should occur within limits 5-10 percent of body weight in 6 months. For example, this means that in a healthy weight loss process, over half a year, a person who initially weighs 90 kilograms can lose from 4.5 to 9 kilograms. Although it may not seem like much, after a year it can be as much as 18 kilograms. This pace allows the body to properly adapt to the “new conditions”. It's easy to find diets and methods on the Internet that tempt you to lose weight quickly, but remember to do it wisely and ensure a safe weight loss pace. Otherwise, the effects may be harmful and will not be long-lasting.

What determines the rate of weight loss?

You also need to take into account that the pace of weight loss depends on several factors. One of them is the starting weight. When losing weight, the rule is that in order to lose weight, our daily calorie loss must exceed our caloric intake. A person who burns more calories per day may limit their intake more. Additionally, people with higher levels of body fat lose weight faster than those with less. This is why the beginnings of weight loss usually bring the most spectacular results.

Lifestyle and level of physical activity are also extremely important. The state of hormonal balance is also important – hormones control a significant part of the processes in our body, including weight loss. Genetics is also an important factor, although we have no influence on it. Sleep is also extremely important, because too little of it (less than 7 hours) slows down the metabolism. Read also why it is more difficult to lose weight after the age of 40.

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