In the land of beauty and comfort

In the land of beauty and comfort

Kasia Jop, certified medical cosmetologist, certified beauty expert, business woman. She emigrated to Zurich 15 years ago, and after a few years of further studies, she opened a unique aesthetic medicine salon there: Comfort Zone. How did she achieve success in Switzerland? What is her secret? How does he define beauty?

There is a delightful peace in her living room, the minimalist design is not devoid of soul, and as soon as you open the door you feel that you will simply feel good here! However, Comfort Zone Zurich by Jop is not so much about the place as about the approach. Because it is more than just an aesthetic medicine salon. It's an idea for life.

When she came to Zurich, she had a hotel degree. In Switzerland, she continued her studies, this time at the Academy of Aesthetic and Medical Cosmetics in Zurich (Fachakademie für Ästhetische und Medizinische Kosmetik FMKZ), majoring in medical cosmetology. Over the next few years, she expanded her experience in the aesthetic medicine industry and completed further courses, this time in the field of skin diseases, tissue stimulators, anti-aging therapies, intradermotherapy (mesotherapy), and even trichology (a field of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of ailments related to human hair). and scalp). She has worked hard to become an expert in her industry. Today, her salon is regularly visited by clients who have become almost family over the years. And all because they trusted… and not only the highest quality of services offered by Kasia Jop's salon or the numerous diplomas and certificates hanging on the wall in her office. They trusted her, a woman whose business approach did not focus on making quick money: building her life from scratch in emigration, she focused on honesty and built relationships.

“In my industry, everything starts with trust. I treat each client individually, with each woman who seeks my help, comes with a skin problem or for a specific treatment, I try to build a special, unique bond based on trust. In this way, thanks to empathy and understanding, I help clients discover their strengths and gain self-confidence. Each of us is different, so each skin needs a different approach. Therefore, each of us needs a different – ​​life – therapy.

When she opened the salon, she thought about a place where women could feel at ease, relax and open up. She wanted to give them a safe haven where they would feel truly beautiful because they could be themselves. Over the last decade, she has helped thousands of women believe in themselves and understand that if the right therapy is accompanied by the right mindset, their skin will thank them for it. With perseverance and empathy, she advised women who had been treated unfairly by other doctors, scrupulously tailoring therapies and care treatments to individual needs, and learned the secrets and problems of her patients. Even though she struggled with cultural differences, she provided clients not only with professional advice, but also with a friendly shoulder and personal support. As she said in one of her interviews:

“Well-selected cosmetics and professionally performed treatments are only half the success. The path to discovering your own beauty is largely self-esteem and personal care. This is your homework: take care of yourself the same way you take care of your partner or family members. It is not only important how you eat and how you take care of yourself physically, it is equally important how you treat yourself, whether you are good to yourself and whether you take care of yourself mentally. My mission is to help women feel comfortable in their own skin. Hence the Comfort Zone.”

The secret of its success does not lie in innovative equipment or a wide range of services. From the beginning, it seemed to be stuck in… an approach to the client, based on honesty, understanding and care.

Kasia Jop – certified medical cosmetologist, certified beauty expert, business woman; owner of Comfort Zone Zurich by Jop.

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