The coffee we drink reveals our personality. Dietitian on the psychology of coffee

The coffee we drink reveals our personality.  Dietitian on the psychology of coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Some people love a “little black dress” without any accessories, others cannot imagine a day without a latte. It turns out that the type of coffee we choose can say a lot about ourselves.

A person’s personality consists of a set of various features. They determine the way we establish relationships, approach our responsibilities and function on a daily basis. They influence every aspect of our lives. They can also decide what coffee we drink for breakfast or lunch. Find out what this drink says about you and your personality.

Tell me what kind of coffee you drink and I will tell you who you are?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula in the book “You are what you eat. Change your attitude towards food. Change your life” put forward the thesis that the coffee we drink can say a lot about our personality. The specialist conducted a study to check whether there is a relationship between personality traits and the type of coffee consumed. At the same time, he draws attention to the fact that his results do not mean anything and should be treated as a curiosity, not as a basis for drawing far-reaching conclusions. So take the following observations with a pinch of salt. Check if there is any grain of truth in them.

Black coffee/espresso lovers – these are people who prefer simplicity and minimalism. At the same time, they are self-confident and have the character of a leader. They like to dominate. They are characterized by independence and consistency. They persistently pursue their chosen goal.

Latte/cappuccino fans – they are open, empathetic and generous. They enjoy giving more than receiving. They like helping others. They put the good of the other person above their own. They are extroverts. They easily establish contacts with their surroundings and find their way in a new environment.

Iced coffee fans – they have a developed imagination. They act spontaneously. They are not always able to predict the consequences of the decisions they make. They are bold, but at the same time they can be childish and reckless.

Decaffeinated coffee lovers – these are perfectionists who carefully analyze every decision. Every step they take is carefully considered. They like to care for others and often worry about the future.

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