“WE HAVE time for health.” A nationwide Sisterhood Support Program has been launched

"WE HAVE time for health."  A nationwide Sisterhood Support Program has been launched

For centuries, women in various parts of the world have been connecting in support networks, helping each other in everyday struggles and difficult moments. In Poland, the idea of ​​”sisterhood” is developing more and more dynamically.

As shown by the results of research conducted as part of the “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH” campaign organized by the Share The Care Foundation and Haleon, still 1/4 of working mothers do not receive any help with household chores when they have a cold or flu. Acquiring the skills to properly communicate your needs, letting go and developing local support groups is the main goal of the National Sister Support Program “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH”, which you can join now. The program is addressed to leaders of women’s groups throughout Poland, including those operating very locally.

As part of the social campaign “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH” – www.mamyczasnazdrowie.pl – a National Sister Support Program was created, which offers women a series of meetings with experts, as well as access to educational materials developed by them. It will help working mothers gain self-confidence, understand the important role of rest when treating colds and flu, and teach them to let go and talk about their needs.

Research conducted by research companies IPSOS and SW Research on behalf of Haleon, the manufacturer of Theraflu and the Share The Care Foundation shows that 60% of working mothers continue to perform household duties despite having a cold or flu. Some women do this out of the belief that no one else will do it as well as they can, but as many as every third working mother is invariably expected by her family to perform household duties despite her illness. However, rest, which working mothers so often give up and push their needs into the background, is crucial to recovery.

“Motherhood is one of the most beautiful, but also the most demanding stages in a woman’s life. Daily responsibilities related to caring for children and home are not only joy, but also hard work. In the face of illness, it can become a challenge that requires not only enormous strength, but also support from those around you. – says Karolina Andrian, president and co-founder of the Share The Care Foundation. “It’s important not to be afraid to speak out loud about your needs and ask for support from others. That’s why sisterly support is so important. We women, let’s support each other.” – Andrian appeals.

The nationwide Sister Support Program “MAMY time for health” is addressed to women who already support each other in their local communities. It may be a neighborhood support group for mothers on a social networking site, integration workshops for women from one housing estate, or regular, local meetings of colleagues from work to strengthen their skills. Women who sign up for the Program will become its ambassadors and will be able to pass on the acquired knowledge in their sister support groups. The resulting grassroots social movement of working mothers will help more mothers take proper care of themselves when suffering from a cold or flu, but will also learn how to better communicate their needs and support other women.

A closed group has been created on Facebook of the co-organizer of the “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH” campaign – the Share the Care Foundation – where ambassadors of the Program will be able to gain knowledge, but also share their ideas, successes and challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Program participants will be offered workshops and online meetings with experts, including two unique webinars – with Natalia de Barbaro, psychologist, author of books, and with Jacek Wasilewski, cultural expert and Ph.D. social sciences at the University of Warsaw.

“It is extremely important to help working mothers gain self-confidence, teach them to talk about their needs and sometimes let go, so that they have time to rest when they have a cold or flu. We hope that the Program will not only be a place to exchange experiences, but also a safe space for dialogue on activities for maternal health in Poland. – says Anna Bachulska-Kossek, marketing manager at Haleon. “Support groups have enormous power and can operate on various levels. Sisterly support between neighbors includes support during illness. Each of us knows how valuable gestures such as picking up a child from kindergarten, dropping off warm soup, or doing shopping can be, which will allow the mother to rest and facilitate recovery. – adds Anna Bachulska-Kossek.

To join the National Sister Support Program “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH”, simply complete the application form. There is no point in postponing it for later, the number of places is limited and participation in the Program is based on the order of applications. More information can be found on the website: www.mamyczasnazdrowie.pl/baza-wiedzy.

The program is implemented as part of the social campaign “WE HAVE TIME FOR HEALTH”, organized by the Share The Care Foundation and Haleon, the manufacturer of the Theraflu brand. Its aim is to increase awareness of the challenges that working mothers face at home and at work when suffering from colds or flu, and to improve their situation so that they can give themselves time to rest during illness.

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