One type of charger for all smartphones. The new regulation has just entered into force

One type of charger for all smartphones.  The new regulation has just entered into force

From now on, we can charge every new smartphone model, as well as other small and medium-sized portable electronic devices, using a cable with a USB-C plug.

This idea has been talked about for a long time, but last year the European Commission officially announced that from January 1, 2024, one unified charging standard will be in force in the European Union. As of yesterday, the most popular type of cables in the EU are those with a USB-C plug.

It is true that the new charging standard for all devices will be introduced in stages, because the European Commission wants to give equipment manufacturers enough time to adapt to the new requirements, but ultimately virtually every portable electronic device will soon be powered exclusively using USB-C cables.

One USB-C charger for all your electronic devices

The European Commission reminded the European Commission in a post on social media that from January 1, 2024, manufacturers of electronic equipment will be subject to a new law regarding a unified standard for charging electronics.

“We’ve finally arrived! From 2024, one type of USB-C cable will be mandatory for all electronic devices in the EU. In the new year you will no longer hear: ‘Sorry, I don’t have the right plug-in.’ This is the perfect culmination of the 30th anniversary of the EU Single Market,” we read in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Any smartphone with a USB-C input. iPhone too

In accordance with the European Commission directive that is currently coming into force, from now on, charging each new smartphone model will be possible via USB-C cables. Apple, which until now was famous for developing proprietary solutions for charging iPhones and iPads, also had to adapt to the new rules.

The Cupertino company made its first moves in this regard last year, because the iPhone 15 released in the fall was the first in the history of Apple smartphones to have a USB-C port. New iPad models and some MacBook laptops are already adapted to the European Commission directive.

What else besides smartphones?

From January 1, 2024, not only all new smartphones, but also tablets, digital cameras, headphones and earphones, portable game consoles and speakers, electronic readers, keyboards, mice, and portable navigation systems will gradually be equipped with a USB-C connector. and laptops that charge by wire and operate at up to 100 W.

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