The survey on aid to Ukraine may be surprising. How did voters of particular parties vote?

The survey on aid to Ukraine may be surprising.  How did voters of particular parties vote?

The deterioration of Polish-Ukrainian relations could not have escaped the attention of those who follow the most important political events. Wirtualna Polska decided to conduct a survey to find out what we think about further aid for Kiev.

In mid-September, Poland extended the embargo on grain from Ukraine, which resulted in a sharp reaction from the Ukrainian authorities. In addition to the complaint to the international organization, President Zelensky’s words were also painful.

– It is disturbing how some in Europe, some of our friends in Europe, play solidarity in political theater by making a thriller with grain. It may seem that they are playing their own role, but in fact they are helping to prepare the stage for the Moscow actor, said the politician, pointing to several countries, including Poland.

Survey on aid to Ukraine

“In your opinion, after Kiev’s recent reactions regarding grain, should Poland be as involved in military aid as before?” – asked United Surveys pollsters commissioned by Wirtualna Polska. It turned out that 44 percent Poles said that “we should help Ukraine regardless of the grain situation.” 60 percent thought so. opposition voters, 29 percent voters of the ruling camp and 19 percent politically undecided.

34.6 percent respondents said that we should help Ukraine, but to a reduced extent. 46 percent answered yes. United Right voters, 26 percent opposition and 41 percent undecided. 16% demanded that aid be discontinued until the grain dispute is resolved. Poles, of which 22 percent from the United Right, 11 percent from the opposition and 24 percent undecided. 5.4 percent respondents chose the option “I don’t know/it’s hard to say”.

How do Poles evaluate the decision to block grain from Ukraine?

The same survey also asked about the assessment of the decision to extend the embargo on Ukrainian grain. 43.2% of respondents strongly agreed with the opinion that “the decision to extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain to Poland was right.” asked. 26.8 percent said they rather agreed, and 11.4% disagreed. 7.5% strongly disagreed. subjects. In total, 70 percent supported the decision to extend the embargo. respondents, and 18.9% were against it.

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