We need more tape scandals. Politicians have found a twisted way to educate the public

We need more tape scandals.  Politicians have found a twisted way to educate the public

Tape scandals are very necessary for us – Polish society. Politicians have found a good way to educate the masses. Thanks to the recordings, they taught us how to find a job, what “wuzetki” are and spatial development plans. I can’t wait for the scandal, thanks to which we will learn from the tapes how important it is to take care of the environment and sort waste.

The last two tape scandals are an excellent lesson in being a good and conscious citizen. Leading politicians of the ruling party, and today also of the opposition, teach us what a wise society should look like. Thanks to the “Srebrna” scandal, the topic of the so-called “wuzetka”, i.e. Development Conditions, became loud. An average citizen who is not interested in urban planning and city planning learned how decisions about investments are made in Poland. He learned the history of many spectacular investments from the inside.

Lesson 2: Local spatial development plans

Another lesson? The latest tapes with the participation of Sławomir Neumann and local PO activists teach us another important lesson. Today’s topic – spatial development plans.

– Sławek, but there is still the most serious issue in the background. This plot on Rokicka Street. He sold it for next to nothing… and then changed the spatial development plan – says a local PO politician in the recording. From the recording we learn how one of the most important documents in every commune is complied with. As can be seen in the example of Tczew, and you can guess that not only, these plans can simply be changed.

Why are spatial development plans important?

The local development plan is one of the most important documents of every commune. It specifies the purpose of the areas, the conditions of their development and management. What is extremely important, it also contains requirements regarding the appropriate number of public purpose investments, i.e. schools, kindergartens, clinics, libraries, parks and other recreational areas. Without this type of plan, most investments are made on a basis “wuzetek”that concern a specific plot. When many investments are built in the commune thanks to wuzetkas, it is very difficult to maintain spatial order or secure an appropriate number of public institutions.

Society learns, politicians do not

– People who don’t care about shit are going to vote – it says on the tapes. Maybe it’s time to start getting interested? Politicians give us ready-made lessons from which we can draw handfuls of knowledge.

Finally, an important question and a sad conclusion. How is it possible that after the “octopussy” scandal and other, smaller mishaps, opposition politicians still think that politics in the 21st century should be conducted in this way? Why didn’t they learn from their previous mistakes? One answer comes to mind. To draw conclusions, you must first understand that you made a mistake.

The message from the new tapes? The party is the most important. You’re not in the party, so I don’t give a damn about you.

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