Vladimir Putin has made an important decision. Will he rule until at least 2030?

Vladimir Putin has made an important decision.  Will he rule until at least 2030?

Vladimir Putin does not intend to give up power in Russia. As reported by Reuters, the Russian president intends to run in next year’s presidential elections.

“Presidential elections” are to be held in Russia in 2024. As reported by Reuters, Vladimir Putin’s start is already certain.

Vladimir Putin will run in the elections

The Russian leader’s closest associates are already preparing for the election campaign. According to journalists, it will not be too difficult and demanding, because there is no candidate on the Russian political scene who could stand in the way of Vladimir Putin’s next term.

Moreover, according to polls available to the Kremlin, support for the president currently oscillates around 80 percent, so the “elections” themselves are supposed to be just a formality. Reuters draws attention to the fact that Vladimir Putin has been president longer than any other Russian ruler since Joseph Stalin. He even broke Leonid Brezhnev’s record term of office, which lasted 18 years.

If Vladimir Putin wins the “elections”, he will remain in power until at least 2030. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to comment to Reuters on the “elections.”

The Kremlin is looking for exceptional candidates

In early October 2023, the Kremlin asked regional administrations to prepare lists of proxies for the 2024 presidential elections for the “power candidate”. Their main task will be to “increase the level of support for the candidate and under no circumstances prevent its decline.”

People on the list of plenipotentiaries must meet several criteria: public support for the president and the war in Ukraine, a high level of recognition and trust, willingness to participate in the election campaign and devote their time, having public speaking skills, experience in debates and readiness to science.

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