Katarzyna Sójka for “Wprost” regarding Hołownia’s allegations. “I was slandered”

Katarzyna Sójka for "Wprost" regarding Hołownia's allegations.  "I was slandered"

PiS MP Katarzyna Sójka expects a correction and apology from the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia. These are the allegations regarding scuffles that took place in front of the Sejm on February 7. – So that everyone knows that I have been slandered and that it is absolutely untrue – Sójka commented for “Wprost”.

On Tuesday, February 20, a press conference of Marshal Szymon Hołownia was held in the Sejm. He then announced the punishment of seven Law and Justice MPs. These are Jacek Bogucki, Jan Dziedziczak, Małgorzata Gosiewska, Antoni Macierewicz, Jerzy Polaczek, Edward Siarka and Katarzyna Sójka.

What penalties did the Presidium of the Sejm impose?

Hołownia accused them of violating the bodily integrity of officers of the Marshal’s Guard during the fights that took place in front of the Sejm on February 7. He noted that these allegations are based on the Guard’s report and recordings from surveillance cameras.

– The Marshal’s Guard identified seven Law and Justice MPs who were clearly pulling, pushing and choking the guards. This should never have happened. The Sejm must draw clear and specific conclusions from such situations, said the Marshal of the Sejm.

Shortly thereafter, Vice-Marshal Monika Wielichowska reported in an interview with the Polish Press Agency that the Presidium of the Sejm punished the above-mentioned parliamentarians by depriving them of their parliamentary allowance for a period of three months. Hołownia requested this penalty. Wielichowska added that those punished have the opportunity to appeal.

Sójka for “Wprost”: This is absolutely untrue

MP Katarzyna Sójka published an entry on this matter on X (formerly Twitter). The former health minister categorically denied the allegations against her and described them as “baseless slander.” She also demanded immediate correction from Hołownia.

– Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the speech itself (Hołownia – ed.), because I did not watch it directly. However, I received information from websites that already duplicated this information, including my name. From people who even believed it and asked what it was about. And they didn’t consider it slander. That’s why I expect a correction, because such accusations absolutely cannot concern me. I am outraged that facts and names are given without 100 percent accuracy. certainty. I expect a broad correction. (…) It must certainly be framed in such a way that people who believe (…) and are already commenting on my social media in this tone accusing me, so that everyone knows that I have been slandered and that there is this is absolutely not true – commented MP Sójka in an interview with “Wprost”.

“I didn’t take any part, much less physically.”

She explained that at one point she was present near the place where the fights broke out, but she did not take any part in them. She pointed out that the fights took place when the MPs were going to the Sejm session.

– I had no role. I am an MP, so I can stay in various places on the premises of the Sejm. I come in or out, I just find myself (…) Secondly, I must admit that I haven’t even seen one of these MPs, Minister Wąsik – from what I remember when I passed somewhere there. It’s hard for me to comment on these revelations. Of course, I was there at some point around the event, (…) but I took absolutely no part in it, let alone physically. This is a very bad slander. I believe that (…) anyone speaking in such a way (…) should have 100 percent. confidence. There was absolutely no such situation. I think this needs to be corrected very broadly. Of course, I also expect an apology, our interlocutor emphasized.

Why did there be fights in front of the Sejm?

Let us recall that the fights occurred due to the Marshal’s Guard not allowing MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik to enter the Sejm. Hołownia is of the opinion that their parliamentary mandates have expired.

Thus, he ignored the January decisions of the Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Social Affairs of the Supreme Court, which state that Kamiński and Wąsik are still MPs.

The Marshal of the Sejm, following the example of the Court of Justice of the European Union, concluded that the adjudicating panel of this Chamber “is not an independent and impartial court”. Then he relied on the decisions of the Chamber of Labor and Social Insurance of the Supreme Court issued a few days later in the same case, which were unfavorable to Kamiński and Wąsik.

Will Sójka’s dispute with Hołownia end up in court?

Sójka did not rule out in an interview with “Wprost” that she would take the case to court if Hołownia did not meet her demands. In her post on X, she indicated that she expected action from the Speaker of the Sejm today.

– We’ll see how the marshal will react, but I think he will respond in some way. I believe he should, always citing his integrity, credibility and honesty. He should react appropriately. If he makes a mistake, he should make amends in an appropriate way, added the former Minister of Health.

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