Via Carpatia trail. There is new news regarding the construction of S19 in the province. Podlasie

Via Carpatia trail.  There is new news regarding the construction of S19 in the province.  Podlasie

GDDKiA has selected the most advantageous offer for the construction of the S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka expressway section. We know who wants to build this part of the Via Carpatia trail and for how much.

The Via Carpatia route connecting Northern and Southern Europe in Poland will be approximately 700 km long. The road will run through 5 voivodeships: Podlaskie, Warmian-Masurian, Masovian, Lublin and Podkarpackie. The Via Carpatia corridor in Poland includes sections of the S61, S16 and S19 expressways.

S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka – another section in the province. Podlasie

The S19 expressway in the Podlaskie Voivodeship will be over 177 km long. Its construction was divided into 15 shorter sections (including the Bielsk Podlaski bypass). At the beginning of October this year, we informed about the commencement of works on the 9-kilometer section of S19 Haćki – Bielsk Podlaski in the province. Podlasie. The construction will include the construction of a dual carriageway S19 expressway and a single carriageway section of DK66 – a connector to the existing DK19. Now road engineers have taken an important step in the construction of another section of the S19 expressway in the province. Podlasie.

S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka – the cheapest offer from Stecol Corporation

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has completed the evaluation of offers in the procedure for the 24-kilometer section of the S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka expressway. The tender was announced on June 30 this year, and 12 companies submitted offers. All contractors declared maximum warranty and quality periods (10 years) and 100% utilization. destruct. As GDDKiA emphasizes, in this situation the choice of the company was determined by the price. The cheapest offer of PLN 828.8 million was submitted by Stecol Corporation.

S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka – contractor from China

Stecol Corporation is a Chinese company that has already built roads in Poland. She implemented, among others: the S14 expressway from the Aleksandrów Łódzki junction to the Emilia junction. Currently, it is building a section of the A2 Groszki – Siedlce Zachód motorway, and in June this year it signed a contract for the construction of a section of the S12 expressway in the province. Lubelskie Dorohucza – Chełm.

S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka – 24 km expressway

The Podlasie section of S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka is 24.1 km long and will be an extension of the S19 expressway from Kuźnica to Sokółka, which is already under construction. It will enable, through bypass roads, to divert road traffic from the towns of: Sokółka, Geniusze, Straz and Czarna Białostocka. At the same time, these towns will be connected to the S19 road through four planned road junctions: Sokółka Zachód, Geniusze, Straż and Czarna Białostocka.

S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka – investment details

At the moment, it is known that the S19 expressway on this section will have two roadways, each with two lanes and an emergency lane. The road will be constructed taking into account the KR6 traffic category and the surface load capacity up to 11.5 t/axle. 22 bridge structures will be built, nine of them will serve as animal crossings, and two will be structures over the railway lines no. 6 and no. 57 and the narrow-gauge railway line. Seven culverts will also be constructed to enable the migration of small animals and amphibians. However, it is not known what type of surface will be, asphalt or cement. This will be decided by the contractor.

If there are no appeals against the tender results and after the prior inspection of the President of the Public Procurement Office is completed, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways will be able to sign contracts with the contractor of the S19 Sokółka – Czarna Białostocka section.

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