A simple recipe for erectile dysfunction. Even scientists are surprised

A simple recipe for erectile dysfunction.  Even scientists are surprised

It is estimated that erectile dysfunction affects up to several million adult Poles of all ages – both younger and older. However, as American scientists argue, this problem is not difficult to solve. There is a simple, non-pharmacological therapy that everyone can use. Completely free.

Specialists reviewed 11 randomized clinical trials conducted between 2004 and 2021. They analyzed the relationship between erectile dysfunction and physical activity. The severity of potency problems was checked using descriptive methods. Volunteers completed the IIEF-5 questionnaire (International Index of Erectile Function 5 Edition). This tool allows you to assess men’s sexual health. It contains questions about, among others, the quality and number of erections, as well as satisfaction with sexual life. The participants were divided into research and control groups. The first one performed aerobic exercises several times a week (from 3 to 5) for at least 30 minutes, the second one did not participate in training.

Aerobic exercise and erectile dysfunction

It turns out that men who exercised regularly saw significant improvement in their erections. They also felt more satisfied with their sex lives. These answers were given by over 80 percent of respondents. The movement worked similarly to popular potency remedies. Scientists expected that physical activity could have a positive impact on men’s sexual health, but the effects exceeded their wildest expectations. It is not fully known how physical activity improves erections. However, there are several hypotheses that can explain this phenomenon.

Regular aerobic exercise, like other types of physical activity, reduces oxidative stress in the body, i.e. restores the balance between antioxidants and free radicals. Thanks to this, they contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. They improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. They help in getting rid of extra kilos. They cause an increase in testosterone levels in the blood by activating appropriate pathways in the nervous system. All of the above-mentioned factors may indirectly contribute to improving erections.

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic (aerobic) exercise is training that results in increased oxygen exchange in the body. The idea is to provide cells with more oxygen. What activity produces these types of effects? It is worth mentioning, for example, running, intense walking, swimming, cycling or roller skating. Before starting this type of exercise, it is a good idea to consult a doctor to rule out any contraindications related to, for example, joint or muscle diseases. The intensity of training should be adjusted to your individual capabilities.

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