Macierewicz harshly about Hołownia. He decided that he had missed the chance to save Poland

Macierewicz harshly about Hołownia.  He decided that he had missed the chance to save Poland

Antoni Macierewicz stated that Szymon Hołownia illegally blocked the PiS resolution on amending EU treaties. He emphasized on Trwam television that the Speaker of the Sejm did not take advantage of the chance to save Poland.

On Wednesday, November 22, the European Parliament adopted a resolution recommending changes to the EU treaties. The report of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs was supported by 291 MEPs and 274 MEPs were against it.

Macierewicz hit Hołownia

Antoni Macierewicz sees unused opportunities in the slight majority of “yes” votes. – This shows that there is a huge dispute, a huge difference of opinion on this matter – even in all European countries – he noted on Trwam television, quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”. He emphasized that the lack of unanimity should be a signal to the Polish Parliament.

– This should show us that we have a chance to block this misfortune that can destroy Poland and other countries – said the Law and Justice MP. He added, however, that the Marshal of the Sejm – by blocking the resolution proposed by the ruling party – not only failed to take advantage of the opportunity, but also “did exactly the opposite.” – Hołownia illegally prevented this – said Macierewicz.

“Parliament of the European Union”

The politician also made accusations against the European Parliament. He said he did not know whether the institution was in fact “European”. – This is the parliament of the European Union – he said. He emphasized that the ongoing changes are intended to contribute to the creation of a “total state” and the transfer of decision-making powers to Germany.

The PiS MP added that the transformations will proceed so quickly that Berlin will take power before the next elections in the United States. He explained that the rush will not depend on the predicted election results, because each new American government will see that “what is happening in the EU is a threat to the security of Europe and the world, including the security of the USA.” – This is the construction of a Russian-German alliance that is to dominate all of Europe – he summed up.

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