Used cars are breaking popularity records. What models do Poles buy?

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The number of offers on the Polish secondary market increased to 2,036,602 cars in 2023. The upward trend continues in the first months of this year.

According to the AAA AUTO Barometer report based on the analysis of data on the sale of used cars in second-hand car dealerships, on websites and at used car dealers, in February 2024, 240,040 second-hand cars were offered in Poland. This is more than a year ago, because in February 2023, the number of used cars offered for sale was 164,786. During the year, the median price also increased to PLN 32,900 from PLN 31,500 in February 2023.

– The largest dealers were able to sell several thousand cars in 2023, and the record result was the sale of over 24,000. cars – says Paweł Molasy, Business Country Manager at AutoCentrum.

Aftermarket companies record record sales as they compete for quality customer service, and the market is analyzed through the use of various indicators. The NPS indicator was popularized in the United States and is widely used there. The NPS trend has also reached Poland. And for good reason. NPS is an abbreviation of Net Promoter Score, i.e. Net Recommendation Index. It is the simplest and fastest way to assess customer loyalty to the company/brand/product/service, and thus the possibility of customers purchasing again. It can be used wherever the activity involves the sale of products, goods or services. It is based on a basic question: “How likely is it that you will recommend the service/product/brand/company to your friend/family?”

In Poland, the NPS indicator for sales of used cars at the largest dealers is 33 points, which is a relatively high result. Europe looks very good compared to the world. For comparison, for new cars the NPS in Europe is 39-40 points.

When buying a used car in Poland, we have a lot of trust in the seller, since only 37% of customers check the history of the car before purchasing it. The market is changing when buying from a used car dealer, customers increasingly have access to a variety of models and financing and insurance options.

The most popular model offered for sale on the secondary market in February 2024 was Opel Astra – 6,563 offers, followed by Audi A4 – 5,404 offers, and BMW 3 – 4,913 offers in third place. The largest number of offers concerned cars with diesel engines – 115,930 cars, followed by petrol engines – 102,283 cars.

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