The “infamous record holder” in a woman's body. Check where a tumor weighing 14 kilograms has grown

The "infamous record holder" in a woman's body.  Check where a tumor weighing 14 kilograms has grown

Doctors from the district hospital in Iława recently performed a difficult operation that medics will certainly remember for a long time. The reason is terrifying.

Doctors from the Gynecological and Obstetrics Department of the District Hospital. Władysław Biegański in Iława (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) shared the story of one of the treatments performed on social media. Medics removed the “intruder”, whom they described as the infamous record holder, from the woman's body. See where this nickname came from.

Ovarian tumor of enormous size

The patient was a 46-year-old woman. She was placed on the operating table in a life-threatening condition, with cardiorespiratory failure. There was a monstrous tumor in her ovary weighing as much as 14 kilograms. Removing the intruder was quite a challenge for surgeons and anesthesiologists:

“The fourteen-kilogram ovarian tumor is an infamous record holder – it has never been operated on before with such great negligence. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our medical team, the operation was a success,” we read in the post shared by the doctors.

As it turns out, the patient neglected preventive tests and this led to the current situation. The ignored tumor grew to an enormous size and began to threaten not only the woman's health but also her life. Fortunately, the surgery was a success. Currently, the 46-year-old is feeling well, remains under the care of doctors and is waiting for specialist consultations.

What are the symptoms of an ovarian tumor?

Ovarian tumor initially does not cause any obvious symptoms. Over time, various non-specific symptoms may appear, such as lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, menstrual cycle disorders, bleeding between periods, difficulty urinating, feeling of pressure on the bladder, etc. The larger the change, the more difficult it is to remove. However, the surgery itself becomes a much greater burden on the body. That is why it is so important to perform preventive tests. Systematic health checks allow for early detection of disturbing changes:

“At the same time, we encourage everyone to undergo regular examinations and preventive measures to avoid similar situations. Let's not underestimate our health – prevention can save lives! – appeal to doctors from the hospital in Iława.

It is recommended to perform ovarian ultrasound at least once a year. Young girls who have not yet started sexual intercourse should also remember this.

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