How fast does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra charge? The phone has an ace up its sleeve

How fast does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra charge?  The phone has an ace up its sleeve

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not a speed demon when it comes to battery charging speed. However, the latest Korean flagship has a surprising advantage over last year’s model, even though nothing has changed on paper.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra certainly cannot be called a fast-charging smartphone. With support for power up to 45 W, there are already devices on the market that charge up to twice as fast. Although the power limit has not changed since the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the latest flagship charges slightly faster. How is this possible?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – charging speed

The website GSMArena, famous for its smartphone comparisons, decided to thoroughly check the capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone with a 5,000 mAh battery was compared both to the competition and to last year’s flagship offering from Samsung’s S family.

The first test concerned the charging speed in 30 minutes, from 0 percent. As it turned out, S23 Ultra was able to reach 68 percent during this time. battery (45 W charging) or 56 percent (25W charger).

Last year’s S22 Ultra was able to charge up to 60 percent in half an hour, also with a 45 W charger. This means that this year’s model beat its predecessor by as much as 8 percent. And in theory, battery capacity and charging power have not changed from year to year.

Experts indicate that the phone’s new trick may be an improved cooling system. Smartphones must carefully manage their temperature – charging causes them to heat up, which often forces the devices to slow down the entire process.

OnePlus 11 faster than Galaxy S23 Ultra – iPhone 14 Pro Max is far behind

The winner in the tests was OnePlus 11, which was fully charged in just 22 minutes with a strong 80 W. Right behind it was the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, charged in 33 minutes.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra needed almost an entire hour to charge from 0 to 100 percent. Last year’s S22 Ultra also had a very similar result. This means that the advantage of this year’s flagship flattens significantly when the battery is fully charged.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max fared the worst. This one needed 1 hour and 52 minutes to fully charge. Apple’s proposal was charged to 48% in half an hour, but the charging power in this case was only 27 W.

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