Two comets over Poland in 2024. We will see one of them with the naked eye

Two comets over Poland in 2024.  We will see one of them with the naked eye

At least two comets will be visible in the Polish sky this year. We will probably be able to see one of them without the use of specialized equipment.

It seems that in 2024 there will be no shortage of such moments in Poland, longed for by all lovers of observing unique astronomical phenomena. The latest information shows that in the next twelve months you will be able to see as many as two comets over Poland. In addition, one of them is literally visible to the naked eye.

Two comets in the Polish sky in 2024

12P/Pons-Brooks – this is the name of the first comet that is to be visible over Poland this year. It is about three times as large as Mount Everest and – what is particularly interesting – has a gigantic ice volcano on its surface.

The celestial body called 12P/Pons-Brooks is the so-called a periodic comet belonging to the Halley-type comet family. Jerzy Rafalski from the Planetarium in Toruń believes that we may see it quite soon, in spring. Preliminary, approximate calculations show that it should be visible on April 21 this year.

It may not be the brightest, but those who have binoculars will soon be able to look for it in the sky – said Jerzy Rafalski.

A comet from hell

In its December 8 entry dedicated to this object, NASA recalled that it is sometimes called the “Devil’s Comet.” This is due to the fact that there is a volcano on its surface that ejects ice and gas from time to time, which in turn makes it look like it has a halo in the form of specific horns in close-ups. Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is named after the two astronomers who helped discover it.

In autumn, a comet called Tsuchinshan-ATLAS will be visible in the Polish sky, with the naked eye. This will be an exceptionally special event in that it will probably be visible only once in close proximity to Earth. It is expected to appear near our planet on October 12 and will be able to be observed for the next dozen or so days from the northern hemisphere of the globe, also from Poland.

Predictions show that this comet can be visible even with the naked eye. This is what astronomers and lovers of the night sky are waiting for, let there finally be a comet that will be visible from the center of the illuminated city. – said Jerzy Rafalski with enthusiasm.

Everything indicates that from the point of view of Polish astronomy, 2024 will be particularly special. Especially due to the fact that in the fall, the second Pole in history will fly, who will conduct experiments developed by Polish scientists and engineers on board the International Space Station.

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