The dietitian gives 3 rules that will help you lose weight. The last one is my favorite

The dietitian gives 3 rules that will help you lose weight.  The last one is my favorite

How to lose weight effectively? This question bothers many people who struggle with excess weight. The dietitian revealed three simple rules that will make this possible. What are they?

Losing weight can be a difficult process for many people. This is due to various reasons. Individual metabolic differences mean that not everyone responds in the same way to changes in diet or the implementation of systematic physical activity. In practice, this means that the effects of weight loss may be different for different people. Additionally, emotional aspects can also have a big impact, making it difficult to lose weight – it’s about stress, which we often “eat”.

How to lose weight effectively? Three simple rules

Losing weight is a complex and individual process that requires a balanced diet, but also regular physical activity. A key element is also controlling caloric intake by consciously choosing healthy meals. Dietitian Maciej Pokarowski published a video on his Instagram in which he gave three rules that will make weight loss more effective. The first one concerns adding vegetables and fruit to every meal. “Each additional portion of vegetables and fruit has health benefits,” explains the specialist, noting that this allows you to increase the volume of your meals and feel full faster.

Second rule prohibits snacking between meals. “Snacking may disturb your sense of hunger and satiety, lead to energy surplus and weight gain,” explains the dietitian. In turn, thanks to the third rule, you do not have to give up eating your favorite meals while losing weight. Instead, you should include them in your diet, but in smaller amounts, i.e 80/20 rule. It says that there is nothing wrong with occasionally eating your favorite sweets, but it should be done in 80/20 proportions, i.e. 80 percent of the diet should be healthy, while 20 percent is left for, for example, eating your favorite pizza or burger, i.e. such “food sins”.

Why is it worth reaching for vegetables and fruits on a slimming diet?

Vegetables and fruits are an excellent choice during a weight loss diet. They can be “smuggled” in various ways. An interesting idea is to make various types of slimming cocktails – they are quick and easy to prepare, and you can take them with you to work or school. What’s more, such drinks taste really great. It is worth reaching, for example, for a slimming coconut cocktail with oatmeal or a winter slimming cocktail with aromatic spices.

Vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. In this way, you will provide your body with “what’s best”, and the fiber content will make you feel full for longer after eating a meal (this may help control your appetite and the amount of calories consumed). It also improves intestinal peristalsis and prevents constipation. Vegetables and fruits are also an excellent alternative to high-calorie snacks. You can, for example, use apple chips.

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