Poland at the center of the “real boom in SMR technology”. German media write about “euphoria”

Poland at the center of the "real boom in SMR technology".  German media write about "euphoria"

The German daily “Die Welt” focused on the issue of the development of nuclear energy in our country. The analysis announced that Poland may soon become a technological leader in Europe.

German journalists drew attention to the fact that the new authorities have the same approach to nuclear energy as the previous ones. They wrote about consensus on the political scene and “euphoria” among the citizens of our country. They cited survey results according to which 60 percent Poles are in favor of building SMR reactors, and 75 percent generally supports the development of nuclear energy.

“Die Welt” writes about the Polish nuclear energy

As explained in the article, thanks to nuclear power, Poles want to satisfy the energy hunger in the country, while meeting the requirements of the European Union's climate policy. “Germany will find itself between two countries in Europe that consider nuclear energy to be a key technology – France, the traditional nuclear power in the West, and now Poland, which is revaluing nuclear energy,” it noted.

It was also explained to German readers that the Polish approach to nuclear energy assumes the construction of not only large power plants, but also small modular reactors (SMRs). Over a hundred plans for such structures have been submitted to make our country a European leader, ahead of France and the Czech Republic. Warsaw's plans are part of the “nuclear renaissance” observed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis in the European Union.

Ambitious plans will make Poland a leader in Europe?

“Die Welt” pointed out that consent to build 24 SMR reactors in six places in Poland was granted to the Orlen Synthos Green Energy consortium. In turn, the BWRX-300 reactor is to be built by the American company Hitachi – the investment completion date is 2030. The Germans write about a possible “SMR technology boom”, the center of which on our continent would be Poland.

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