Tusk commented on Duda’s decision. “The rest doesn’t matter”

Will the president send the budget to the Constitutional Tribunal and call new elections?  The Prime Minister comments

The Prime Minister referred to the decision of the President who signed the budget act, but at the same time referred it to the Constitutional Tribunal. “The rest doesn’t matter,” writes Donald Tusk.

The President signed the budget law for 2024, but at the same time decided to refer it to the Constitutional Tribunal for post-control. This move caused an avalanche of comments from both the ruling camp and the opposition.

Andrzej Duda had doubts about the correctness of the procedure for its adoption. As explained in the announcement, this concerns “the inability of MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik to participate in the work of the Sejm on these bills.”

What will happen next with the Budget Act? Article 224 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland states that if the president applies to the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the conformity of the budget act or the provisional budget act with the Constitution before signing it, the Constitutional Tribunal will rule on this matter no later than within two months from the date of submission of the application.

Budget 2024. Donald Tusk: The money will go to the people, nothing will stop it

The Chancellery of the President emphasizes that “similar actions will be taken by the president each time Members of Parliament are prevented from exercising their mandate resulting from general elections.. The head of government commented on the decision of the head of state. “The budget was signed and that was it. The rest doesn’t matter. The money will go to people, nothing will stop it,” wrote Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

It has already been said that Andrzej Duda may refer the budget to the Constitutional Tribunal. In this context, there were also reports about the possibility of holding early elections. The Chancellery of the President referred in a new statement to the “false information appearing in the public space regarding the possibility of shortening the term of office of the Sejm by the President of the Republic of Poland.”

This issue is regulated by Art. 225 of the Constitution, which states that the head of state may order the shortening of the term of office of the Sejm within 14 days if it is not presented to the president for signature within four months from the date of submitting the draft budget bill to the Sejm. “In relation to the Budget Act for 2024, such a situation did not occur” – emphasized.

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