Trzaskowski: If we do not go in this direction, we will become an open-air economic museum

Trzaskowski: If we do not go in this direction, we will become an open-air economic museum

Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw and vice-chairman of the Civic Platform, has no doubts about the country’s energy transformation. Blunt words were spoken.

Rafał Trzaskowski is at the COP 28 climate summit in the United Arab Emirates. On topics related to the fight against the climate catastrophe, the mayor of Warsaw was asked, among others, about investments in renewable energy and the so-called windmill scandal.

– We need to get this money (for the energy transformation from the KPO – editor’s note), create new jobs and take care of the weakest who do not have money to take part in the transformation. We did it in Warsaw, paying extra for the replacement of Cinderellas – at the beginning even 100% – Rafał Trzaskowski said on Polsat News.

Windmill scandal. “Here you need to think twice”

The vice-chairman of the Civic Platform also commented on the withdrawal of the parliamentary bill that was supposed to liberalize the regulations regarding wind turbines.

– I wouldn’t consider it a false start for the entire coalition. It is better when such decisions are made by the government. President Duda treated us to a farce that delays obtaining money and introducing important changes – said Rafał Trzaskowski. – Here we need reflection, specialists and listening to the voice of citizens. This can’t be written on your knee – added.

Are windmills the future of the Polish energy system? The Mayor of Warsaw admits that they are very important and have potential, but the regulations on this matter must be prepared in a planned manner and with the participation of experts. He added that he was not surprised by the right-wing’s reaction.

– We have to do something to unlock the potential of renewable energy, we know that we don’t have a lot of sun, but we do have wind. However, this must be done in a planned way and with experts, so that such accusations cannot be made, which are obviously far-fetched – said the mayor of Warsaw.

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