The farmers’ protest blocked the path of the ambulance. The driver found another way

The farmers' protest blocked the path of the ambulance.  The driver found another way

The farmers’ protest, which covers a large part of Poland, is taking its toll even on services using the right-of-way. The recording of the ambulance that had to look for another route has already circulated on social media.

The farmers’ protest, combined with road blocking, has been going on for another week. Due to road disruptions, public support for this action seems to vary greatly. The situation involving an ambulance will certainly not gain any supporters for the protesters. The medics could not take the shortest route possible. Everything was recorded and posted on social media.

The tractor was blocking the path of the ambulance. The event was recorded

At the very beginning of the recording we see that the ambulance is trying to leave the roundabout on one of the roads. However, his path is blocked by a parked tractor. From the words of the person recording the entire incident, we can conclude that the owner of the agricultural machine was not present at the scene and could not move his vehicle to unblock the road.

– We have a situation where there is an ambulance. Information about road blocks that are closed is in the announcements, said the woman holding the camera. – Nevertheless, the ambulance wanted to pass here – she added. She also emphasized that the protesting farmers ultimately showed a different path. In the recording, we see the ambulance driving between the protesters who moved aside.

Internet users are outraged by the situation

However, many Internet users did not pay attention to the actions taken by farmers and attempts to provide a convenient passage for the ambulance. They expressed their outrage that the whole situation had happened at all. “And it should be a crime story. Nobody has the right to endanger the health and life of others,” someone wrote on the X platform.

“This person should be held accountable for endangering human life…” – another Internet user pointed out. “But this is a crime. Where is the police?” – people asked on the old Twitter. “Imagine what would happen if there were climate activists there instead of farmers.” – pointed out Jakub Wiech from

Farmers’ protest in Poland

A map of expected difficulties has been published on the website of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union of Individual Farmers “Solidarity”. The updated list already includes almost 200 points where representatives of protesting groups will gather during the day, including: against EU changes.

Most of them are located near Poznań, Lublin and Białystok. Difficulties will also appear near Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Łódź and Kraków. Farmers will also block border crossings in Dorohusk, Hrubieszów and Hrebenne, as well as communication hubs and access roads to transshipment railway stations and sea ports.

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