A plague of mice at a European airport. Thousands of traps were set

A plague of mice at a European airport.  Thousands of traps were set

Passengers at Frankfurt airport post videos of running rodents. Employees have been struggling with this problem for many years.

Frankfurt Airport, along with Munich and Düsseldorf, is one of the three most important airports in the country. However, the airport has been struggling with a rather embarrassing problem for many years. Mice are fond of terminals and they disturb passengers. In recent days, the topic of rodent plague has returned. Videos showing mice running around the Lufthansa lounge and photos of traps have appeared on the Internet.

Mice at Frankfurt airport

Rodents, parasites and insects are not welcome guests at airports. Unfortunately, recently passengers have been more exposed than usual to the unwanted company of animals. Last year, bedbugs were a huge problem among travelers. Yesterday we reported on larvae that fell on passengers during a flight from Amsterdam. Today we are sharing the latest reports on the rodent infestation at Frankfurt Airport. Germany's largest airport has had a mouse problem for years and it seems to be getting worse again. Videos showing mice running briskly around the Lufthansa lounge have appeared on TikTok and YouTube. It turns out that rodents can be found throughout Terminal 1.

Several thousand traps were set

The fight of airport employees against the rodent plague continues. Nearly 5,000 mouse traps have been placed in the port area to solve the recurring problem once and for all. However, it is not known whether the plan will work. However, such a huge airport functions almost like a small city – almost 100,000 passengers use the airport in Frankfurt every day. Most of them eat meals or carry food that may attract rodents. “Mice are everywhere, whether in the supermarket or at the airport. Wherever there is food,” writes one TikTok user who didn't seem too surprised by the video.

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