“I will exchange coins from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland for a car or a quad.” Sellers expect a fortune for old money

"I will exchange coins from the times of the People's Republic of Poland for a car or a quad."  Sellers expect a fortune for old money

Auctions of old coins and banknotes attract the attention of many collectors. Money from several decades ago, if preserved in perfect condition, fetches high prices. Owners of money from the previous era increasingly expect cosmic amounts. There are plenty of such offers online – some sellers expect as much as 100,000. for your collections.

Auctions of communist coins and banknotes are held on popular auction portals. Many of them already achieve sky-high amounts at the start. One of the Internet users issued a 5 groszy coin from 1949. The starting price is PLN 3,999. “I invite you to buy a coin. Rarity – light twisted pair, variety B. The coin comes from my collection” he noted in the description.

Coins from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland. Old money is worth a fortune

A ten zloty coin with Tadeusz Kościuszko on the obverse was issued for the same price. As the owner assures, the coin from 1970 is in mint condition. “Unique” the seller stated in the description. A slightly larger amount, at least 4.5 thousand. PLN, the owner of the 10 zloty coin from 1967 expects. This time on the obverse is Karol Świerczewski. This is a technological test – we read in the title of the advertisement.

Another 10 zloty coin from 1965 was also highly valued. “The coin is in a very nice condition – mint condition. Nike – twisted approx 310 degrees” – noted the owner of the money from the previous era. The starting price is PLN 4,999. Another seller valued the former 20 zloty coin, commonly known as “skyscraper and ears of corn” for the amount of PLN 5.2 thousand zloty. “PRL collector’s coin without a mint mark” he said in the announcement.

Money from the previous era is an unusual niche in the market

Looking through subsequent money sale offers, one can get the impression that a group of lovers of numismatics has found an unusual niche on the market or is able to sell old coins and banknotes for a much higher amount than the face value. To attract the attention of potential customers or collectors, many people try to make their ad stand out. Some do it with special entries or colorful fonts, others increase the prices of their coins by marking in short descriptions such passwords as: “unique”, “beautiful coin” Whether “rarity”. However, this is not the end of the ingenuity of sellers.

Coin owners have other ways to make a fortune on them. One of them is offering old money with grading. It is the determination of the grade category, the state of preservation of money. The coin is placed in a plastic box, called a slab. When evaluating a coin, it uses numbers from 1 to 70. The higher the number, the better the state of preservation of the money.

Sellers also pay attention to small details that can be of great importance to collectors. Coins from the so-called reverse or twisted pair are very popular among buyers. Reverse is a coin with the eagle turned 180 degrees to the reverse. On the other hand, twisted pair, as the name suggests, is characterized by a twisted punch. Relative orientation of the reverse and obverse drawings is neither 0 nor 180 degrees.

Old money seller. “I will exchange coins from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland for a car or a quad”

“PLN 200 XXX years of the People’s Republic of Poland. Attempt. Coin destruct. The only one of its kind in the world” – emphasizes Mr. Jarosław. He valued his unique trial coin at PLN 14,999.99. One of the Internet users posted a 100,000 zloty banknote from 1990 with Stanisław Moniuszko on the obverse. He estimated its value at nearly $17,000. zloty. “Extremely rare series of the CL banknote marked in the catalog with a rarity level of L9 (up to 1 auction listing known in the UNC state)” – informs the owner in the description. However, this is not the highest price for selling old coins or banknotes.

For 20 thousand Another owner of old coins valued his collection. As he indicated in a popular advertising portal, he is ready to exchange it for a car/quad or other valuable items. Another Internet user, who also wants to sell his current collection of commemorative coins of the People’s Republic of Poland, valued his collection at PLN 49,990. Many people are surprised by the high amounts demanded by sellers of old coins.

Internet users do not hide their surprise at the valuation of old coins

“Where do they get these valuations from? The further into the forest, the more expensive – netizens write. The experts who looked at the photos and descriptions of the coins for sale are also surprised. In their opinion, the valuation of coins does not correspond to their real value.

Instead of several dozen thousand zlotys for the offered collection of Polish rulers, experts from this industry valued it at a maximum of several hundred zlotys. For such an amount, they can be purchased in several numismatic groups in social media. For a similar price, you can buy banknotes of various denominations from both the times of the Second Polish Republic and the period of the People’s Republic of Poland. And such is offered on the network by one of the sellers, who expects 50,000 for badly damaged banknotes. zloty.

Owner of old coins wants 110,000 zloty. They can be purchased much cheaper

It doesn’t stop other sellers from offering old money for exuberant sums. A coin with a face value of PLN 1. Price 82 thousand. zloty” – encourages another owner to buy already destroyed coins from the previous era. Experts and collectors who viewed the coin valued it at face value. They weren’t interested in buying it.

The highest amount that one of the advertisers in the network expects for coins from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland is 110,000. zloty. This is how much the owner valued over a hundred coins with denominations of 50 groszy and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 100 zlotys. Experts valued this collection well below the offered amount.

Record auctions surprised sellers. They want to make a fortune on coins

“Why so much interest in old money?” – many people on social media are wondering. According to experts, this happens for several reasons. This year, several record-breaking auctions took place, which acted like a magnet on sellers. For a PLN 5 coin from the so-called fishermen obtained over 8.2 thousand. zloty.

Even more expensive was a 10-grosz coin from 1973 without a mint mark. The rarest and most famous coin of the PRL period was sold for 33,000. PLN, although its starting price was 5 thousand. zloty. For other, at first glance, ordinary old coins, their owners obtained several thousand zlotys at auctions. – Many people, after reading such news, also want to get rich quickly by offering their collections of old coins. They hope that there will be a collector who will pay a few, several, and sometimes tens of thousands of zlotys experts say.

The flood of collectors drives the market. Numismatics is portfolio diversification

According to Piotr Kosanowski, the founder of the Numismatic Portal project, there is a large group of clients who treat numismatics as a form of portfolio diversification, sharing it with, for example, gold, shares or other forms of investment assets. — Many new people are strictly investors, but the majority of people are those who have run away with their savings from banks and are trying to convert real cash into assets at all costs the expert added.

Collectors fear another flood of expensive offers in September. The most expensive Polish coin will be auctioned next month. The numismatic gem was valued at a minimum of PLN 2 million.

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