Where will Poles go on holiday? We know the list of the 20 most popular places

Where will Poles go on holiday?  We know the list of the 20 most popular places

Where will Poles go on holiday in 2024? It turns out that they will spend their holidays in many different ways. Some will relax on the beach, some will visit famous cities, and still others will support Euro 2024.

The holiday season is fast approaching. The kiwi.com analysis shows that travelers from Poland will spend their upcoming holidays both on European beaches and in the stands of German stadiums, due to Euro 2024. Which destinations dominate among Poles' travel plans? How much will they spend on vacation?

Where will Poles go on holiday?

Data collected by Kiwi.com shows that the most popular holiday destinations are still those where we can count on a solid dose of sun and a guarantee of good weather. However, they are not the only ones that appear in the TOP 20 reservations.

While so far (bookings made from January 1 to May 15) most flights were booked for June and early July, full-year data for 2023 show that August is generally more popular among Polish travelers. Most people will set off from Okęcie, the airport in Kraków (Kraków-Balice), and the airport in Gdańsk is in third place.

What places will Poles go to from here? Here is a list of the TOP 20 most frequently chosen locations:

Kiwi.com indicates that the top 20 destinations include:

  1. Spain

  2. Italy

  3. UK

  4. Greece

  5. Norway

  6. France

  7. USA

  8. Germany

  9. Portugal

  10. Netherlands

  11. Denmark

  12. Albania

  13. Türkiye

  14. Croatia

  15. Iceland

  16. Sweden

  17. Switzerland

  18. Cyprus

  19. Indonesia

  20. Malta

Poles will spend more on holidays in 2024

Even though the average ticket price this year is 40 euros higher than last year, there is no shortage of people interested. Already in 2022, the results of research conducted by the Stem/Mark agency on behalf of Kiwi.com indicated that despite high prices in the high season, Poles do not intend to give up traveling. Therefore, the destinations they chose included closer European destinations, but also countries located much further away, such as Iceland or even the United States.

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