Experts selected the winners of the European Championships. How far will the Polish national team go?

Experts selected the winners of the European Championships.  How far will the Polish national team go?

Polish experts indicated who will win the European Championship and how far our team will go in this year’s Old Continent championship. The White and Reds are highly valued by them.

As the European Volleyball Championships have only just started, it is difficult to say clearly who is in great shape and will be able to fight for the highest honors, and who will fail. Despite this, in “Przegląd Sportowy” we can read a short survey regarding predictions for this tournament. The most important question was – what will our volleyball players fight for?

The Polish national team can win a gold medal in the European Championships

The statements of well-known experts generally reflect optimism and, therefore, high expectations. In the first match, Nikola Grbic’s team showed class, defeating the much weaker Czechs, but it is known that much more difficult matches lie ahead of them. So how far can our compatriots go?

– Poles will fight for gold – said, for example, Krzysztof Ignaczak, who said that our squad was strong enough that we should not aim lower. He also added that we should not worry about what our national team’s matches in the Wagner Memorial looked like, because it was part of the preparation period and we should not treat it as an indicator. – We are favorites for gold – he added.

Cautious predictions for the Polish national team

To some extent, he was echoed by Marcin Możdżonek, who mentioned that the White and Reds have been waiting for a triumph on the Old Continent since 2009. The former volleyball player believes that Poland remains the favorite to finish the competition in first place, even despite the absence of the injured Mateusz Bieniek. Wojciech Drzyzga also agreed with the two legendary representatives of our country.

Ireneusz Mazur approached the topic a bit more conservatively. He, in turn, thinks that the Poles are actually able to fight for the title, although they are not the number one candidate for the final triumph. – The favorites are the Italians – he said. Mariusz Sordyl is also not so clearly convinced of the strength of our national team. France and Italy are also among the teams worthy of gold.

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