Tinder subscription for PLN 2,000 per month. Vault only for the desperate?

Tinder subscription for PLN 2,000 per month.  Vault only for the desperate?

The Tinder app is preparing another prohibitively expensive premium subscription. Tinder Vault is to cost about half a salary in Poland for a month of subscription. What will the horrendously expensive subscription for singles offer?

It seems that the creators of Tinder want to squeeze all possible money out of singles looking for love online. Match Group is to prepare for the introduction of a new offer. Price? From space.

Tinder Vault subscription for PLN 2,000 – love only for the rich

Currently, Tinder already offers 4 options for users – Tinder Free and Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum subscriptions. They differ mainly in the amount of fees and additional functions – the number of likes to send, the so-called. super likes or messages without pairing. The cost of Platinum is about PLN 140 per month.

Now, however, the company revealed its next plans on the occasion of the presentation of financial results for the second quarter of 2023. It’s about the Tinder Vault subscription, which wipes the Platinum price off the face of the Earth. The amount of the new subscription level is to amount to a dizzying $ 500, which is slightly above PLN 2,000. In a month, not in a year.

It is worth recalling that in July 2023, the minimum wage for full-time work in Poland is PLN 3,600 gross. Such a person would leave Tinder more than half of their earnings.

Who is Tinder Vault for? The rich count on quality

According to Tech Crunch, Match Group plans to start with a subscription in the fall of 2023. Of course, Tinder Vault is aimed at very wealthy people.

The company itself points out that it wants to significantly limit the possibility of participating in Vault to create a more exclusive pool of singles. Wealthier users are reportedly more willing to pay substantial sums for very well-matched people for meetings and experiences that the average user cannot have.

Where did the new tactic come from? As Tinder’s product director Mark Van Ryswyk said earlier, this decision was inspired by the recent acquisition of an external company. It’s about the super-exclusive dating app The League acquired by Match Group. There, the use of services costs a prohibitive $ 1,000 per week. So the monthly fee is over PLN 16,270.

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