A Russian propagandist screamed on the air. “The whole world laughs at us”

A Russian propagandist screamed on the air.  "The whole world laughs at us"

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble in recent days is at a record low. The popular Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov referred to the situation in his program – The whole world is now laughing at us that the ruble is the weakest currency – he shouted in his program.

Vladimir Soloviev is one of the leading Russian propagandists. In his daily live broadcast Solovjov LIVE, the Russian comments on current events, usually full of excessively, almost theatrically shown emotions.

Enraged, Solovyov strikes at Russian deputies. “Please Explain”

A fragment of the propagandist’s Thursday program, in which he began attacking the Russian central bank and members of the Russian Duma in the context of the rouble scouring the bottom, began to circulate virally on the Ukrainian Internet. It is worth noting that Solovyov’s statements in the most shared recording below are combined in reverse chronological order (this can be seen by the time in the lower left corner of the screen).

“They don’t even explain why the hell the exchange rate is so high. The whole world is now laughing at us that the ruble is the weakest currency – shouted the propagandist. – It is thanks to the brilliant policy of the Central Bank – he ironically said.

He then addressed the Russian Duma deputies directly. – I have a question for all deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Tell me, please, do you not notice what exchange rate we have in the country now? Please tell me, have you made at least one request to the Central Bank for these people to come and publicly explain what’s going on? Please explain to the country what’s going on,” he said in a calmer tone.

He also stressed that such a policy would lead to an increase in inflation just before the elections in Russia.

The sharp fall in the value of the ruble

At the beginning of the week, the ruble approached 100 to the dollar, which means that it has fallen by 25 percent over the year. The Russian currency has not been so weak since Vladimir Putin started his criminal war in Ukraine. However, the collapse of March last year was stopped by the very aggressive monetary policy of the central bank of Russia. However, in the official data released at the end of July, analysts noted that Russia had stopped intervening in the currency market. This was the beginning of the problems of the ruble, whose exchange rate began to plunge sharply.

Now the Russian central bank is trying to save its own currency, so on Thursday it decided to suspend foreign currency purchases to stabilize the exchange rate. The move by the central bank should help strengthen the ruble, because when the bank spends rubles to buy foreign currency, it increases the supply of rubles in circulation, lowering their value.

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