Poland is investing heavily in space technologies. It is an element of building the country’s defense

Poland's space aspirations.  Goals by 2020 are still not achieved

Poland is intensifying investments in space technologies, establishing the Geospatial Reconnaissance and Satellite Services Agency and a satellite corps in the army, strengthening the country’s defence.

Poland continues to develop space technologies, focusing on their applications in national defense. In June, the Agency for Geospatial Reconnaissance and Satellite Services will be established, and in May, a satellite corps was created in the Polish Army. These activities are aimed at strengthening Poland’s defense capabilities through the use of modern satellite technologies.

Currently, the Polish space sector includes approximately 400 companies and institutions, over half of which regularly cooperate with the European Space Agency.

Polish space strategy

Poland aims to have its own satellites that will provide the necessary data for defense and crisis management purposes. Precise satellite data allows not only to strengthen defense, but also to quickly respond to climate disasters.

– The armed forces have been using space data provided by commercial entities and allied countries for years, says Anna Walkowiak, acting head of the Space Technologies Department at the Ministry of National Defense. – Now we are striving to build our own capabilities, which will give us greater independence in the defense system. We cooperate with foreign and commercial partners to effectively use available resources.

In May, the European Investment Bank supported the Polish satellite program with 300 million euros. The program, carried out in cooperation with France, provides for the creation of satellite and reconnaissance systems. The contract signed with Airbus Defence and Space includes the delivery of two image reconnaissance satellites.

– We are also implementing the MikroGlob project as part of the KPO and we are planning the MicroSAR project regarding a constellation of radar satellites – adds Walkowiak. The launch of the MikroGlob satellites is planned for 2026, and the radar systems in the MikroSAR program are to be acquired next year.

The Ministry of National Defense is involved in the implementation of the Polish Space Strategy, especially specific objective No. 3, regarding the Earth observation system. The MikroGlob project fits into this goal, and its implementation is to begin soon.

Poland plans to launch the “Satellite system for optoelectronic Earth observation” program and develop the concept of a future SSA/SST system. As part of the project, Camilla Poland will gain access to high-resolution Earth observation data. Four satellites are planned to be built, and the systems are to start operating in 2027, which will cost EUR 85 million.

Defense and security

Space technologies have been supporting the armed forces in carrying out security and defense-related tasks for years. They allow monitoring the situation on Earth, satellite communication and precise positioning of units. Earth observation makes it possible to monitor the situation just across the border without crossing it, which is crucial in crisis management.

Investments in space technologies are a key element of Poland’s defense strategy, providing modern tools for responding to threats and crisis management.

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