How much sunscreen to apply? Dermatologists recommend the teaspoon method

How much sunscreen to apply?  Dermatologists recommend the teaspoon method

For sunscreen to work properly, you need the right amount of it. But what does that mean? Doctors have one simple method: measure the cream… with a teaspoon.

Katarzyna Pyrkosz, a dermatologist (known as @katarzynapyrkoszdermatologist), reminded us about the need not only to use sunscreen creams, but also to apply them properly.

What happens when you put on too little sunscreen?

As emphasized by Katarzyna Pyrkosz, most of us, if we already use cosmetics with sunscreens, use too little of them. “To obtain the protection factor declared by the sunscreen manufacturer, we should apply it in the amount of 2mg/cm2. If we apply, for example, 1/4 of the recommended amount, the actual SPF of our cosmetic is also 1/4 of the value declared on the packaging” – explained the doctor, who not for the first time draws attention to the need to protect against radiation harmful to the skin.

How much sunscreen to apply? Tea spoons will help

How do you make sure you’re applying the right amount of sunscreen? Because it is hard to expect that anyone will measure milliliters of the preparation and convert their amount to square centimeters of skin. It turns out that dermatologists have their proven method, easy to remember and use by everyone. – One of the useful rules that allow us to easily determine how much of a cosmetic with a filter should be used is the rule of teaspoons – says Katarzyna Pyrkosz. As he explains, one teaspoon makes about 5 ml of cream. And this is how you should apply:

  • 1 teaspoon for face, head and neck,

  • 1 teaspoon for shoulder and forearm,

  • 2 teaspoons for the body,

  • 2 teaspoons per leg.

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