TikTok is slowly becoming the king of Polish social media. Even Instagram is catching up

TikTok almost like Candy Crush Saga.  The app has made a fortune

This is a sign of our times. The Chinese application TikTok is slowly but gradually heading towards dominating Polish social media.

Social networking sites Facebook and Instagram, which are part of the Meta holding owned by Mark Zuckerberg, have dominated the social media market in Poland for a very long time. For many years, there was no competitor that could pose a real threat to them. Meanwhile, Chinese TikTok has been emerging for some time now and is taking the Polish social media market by storm.

TikTok is catching up with Instagram in Poland

The Chinese platform has just slightly fewer users than Instagram, and in terms of the average time users spend in individual applications, it is already number one in Poland.

Let’s focus on the numbers. Facebook is still the social media used by over 80% of people in Poland. among all Internet users. In December last year, it was visited by 24.36 million Polish Internet users, which translated into 82.06 percent. general coverage.

Internet users spend most of their time on TikTok

The average time spent using Facebook was 15 hours, 36 minutes and 38 seconds. Interestingly, in this respect, TikTok is already better than it. Even though it still has a much smaller number of users (13.79 million people visited it in December 2023), they spent much more time on the Chinese social media platform, on average 17 hours, 18 minutes and 42 seconds.

In terms of the amount of time spent consuming content, TikTok is already the most popular social media application among all those operating on the Polish market. And although it currently has a smaller reach than Facebook and Instagram, unlike them, in December it could boast not a decline, but an increase in the number of users.

Facebook and Instagram are losing, while TikTok is gaining users

Compared to November last year, Facebook lost 588.4 thousand in December. Internet users visiting it, which meant a decrease of 2.4%. Instagram also lost – 259,000 people left it in December. users (1.8%). At the same time, TikTok, unlike them, recorded an increase in the number of visitors – by 88.5 thousand, or 0.6%.

So we are dealing with a reversal of the trend, in which Facebook and Instagram are losing, and the application originating from China is the only one gaining users in the race for the title of the most popular social networking site in Poland. Not to mention the fact that TikTok enjoys the greatest real interest, as evidenced by the average number of hours spent in the application by people using it.

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