This strategy is intended to protect PiS from defeat. The list of recommendations has been revealed

This strategy is intended to protect PiS from defeat.  The list of recommendations has been revealed

“Gazeta Wyborcza” provided details of the strategy intended to protect PiS from defeat in the local elections. The recommendations were formulated by a team of sociologists and publicists.

The next local government elections will be a fierce fight, among others, for provincial assemblies. Current calculations indicate that PiS may lose up to several dozen councilors nationwide, which means the loss of the majority in some voivodeships. “Gazeta Wyborcza” obtained details of the strategy that is intended to prevent such a scenario. “PiS has already implemented many of these recommendations,” notes “GW.”

The meeting of experts, organized by former Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński, took place on January 5. It was followed by a note titled “Evaluation of the 2023 election campaign”, but the meeting participants, including sociologists and publicists, also developed “recommendations for the future”. “The meeting participants concluded that if PiS does not self-reflect and does not revise the assumptions of the election campaign, the party will face relegation,” we read further.

“Passive PiS apparatus in the field” and lack of “coherent message”

The note assessed that in 2023 “the PiS apparatus in the field was passive.” Experts said the party “did not have a coherent message on the EU” and must “highlight issues related to sovereignty and security.” At the same time, however, it cannot “close itself on topics such as the future of the planet, new technologies or personal freedom.” They also assessed that the “extremely negative” message about Tusk was a mistake, although they considered the polarization between Tusk and Morawiecki to be “the right choice.”

“PiS did not notice the technological change and ignored the fact that the young generation obtains information mainly from the Internet” – such findings of the meeting participants are further quoted by “GW”. “The group of KO and Third Way voters is growing because the percentage of social categories such as the new intelligentsia and small entrepreneurs and specialists in various fields is growing,” the note added. The team also assessed that PiS based its campaign on the assumption that “there is a two-party system in Poland”, and focused “on polarization, which was a mistake”.

The team worked on recommendations for PiS

The note also includes a “recommendations for the future” subsection. It stated that local centers “need to carry out in-depth research why some of the 2019 voters did not vote for PiS.” The experts also said that similar research must be carried out at the voivodeship level, and the party should “fight for the metropolitan electorate, promote political leaders among doctors, teachers and economists.”

As we read further, the recommendations stated that focusing on defending TVP is “pointless” and the party should “take its own initiative to change the judiciary.” “We need to move away from radical rhetoric so as not to irritate and mobilize the anti-PiS electorate (…). PiS must focus on removing the impression that it is an anti-local government party,” read the next recommendations.

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