How to protect yourself against garage burglary? Experts recommend one solution

How to protect yourself against garage burglary?  Experts recommend one solution

Every now and then, there are reports of burglaries in the garage, where many of us store valuable items apart from the car. How to protect yourself against this? Experts recommend one solution.

There is a garage break-in every 25.7 seconds in the US. Unfortunately, such reports also appear quite often in Poland. We store not only a car there, but also often expensive tools, furniture and other valuable items. The garage is a place to which robbers have relatively easy access, and from its windows it is easy to identify what valuable can be stolen.

The data from the FBI's report on this matter are impressive and raise the question of what to do to protect yourself from thieves.

Garage burglary. Zipper as a way to deter thieves?

Experts recommend installing a zipper on the garage door. – The zipper trick is a cheap way to secure stored valuables. With a zipper you can protect yourself against garage break-ins. Simply attach the clamp to the metal connector containing the emergency release cable. This will prevent thieves from activating the emergency unlock using the hanger, reports

Experts also recommend other methods to protect your garage against burglary. It is worth, among others: Consider covering your windows with window film so that thieves cannot see what's inside. You can also use motion sensor lighting to make it harder for burglars to hide at night. It's also worth thinking about the camera. In the event of a burglary, the owner will have footage that can then be passed on to law enforcement agencies.

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