Samsung in the top ten most frequently purchased TVs in Poland

Samsung in the top ten most frequently purchased TVs in Poland

Samsung TVs have become a permanent fixture in Polish homes. According to data from the research company GfK, in the top ten most frequently purchased TVs in Poland in the period from January 1 to September 30 this year. there were 7 models from this manufacturer. As many as three of them have 65-inch screens.

The results of the analysis confirm the popularity of Samsung TVs in Poland and the increasing willingness to purchase TVs with diagonals larger than 55 inches. Also those with diagonals of 75, 85 or even 98 inches, the offer of which is becoming wider and more attractive.

Samsung TVs No. 1 in the world and in Poland

For over 17 years, Samsung has been the undisputed leader in the TV market around the world and in Poland. This achievement is due to the company’s high commitment to research to create the most perfect technologies combined with solutions that meet the expectations of customers. According to Top Patent Holders, in the years 2019-2022 Samsung obtained the most patents in the world, as many as 106,392. This year alone, the company will invest 47.5 trillion won in the chip department and in Samsung Display, a company that produces screens.

Samsung makes excellent use of scientific achievements, and this year’s Nobel Prize for three scientists for their work on quantum dots, which have been used in Samsung TVs for 7 years, confirmed that the company is also a leader in implementing breakthrough TV innovations – said Grzegorz Stanisz, sales and marketing director of the RTV department at Samsung. Electronics Poland. Innovation and listening to consumers’ needs translate into the fact that our products are most often chosen all over the world, adds Grzegorz Stanisz.

The use of quantum dot technology in QLED panels in 2017 completely revolutionized the TV segment, introducing their production to a completely new level and thus making Samsung the undisputed pioneer of this innovation. Currently, this breakthrough technology is used in advanced models with a quantum dot – the latest QLED, Neo QLED and OLED TVs.

Data from the research company GfK prove that TVs of this brand continue to be very popular among buyers. Importantly, Poles are increasingly choosing larger screen sizes. Among the 7 most popular TVs of this company from the top ten, as many as 3 models are TVs with 65-inch screens. A perfect confirmation of this trend is also the forecast of the research company Omdia, which shows that we will choose larger and larger TVs, and their replacement cycle will shorten from 6-7 to 4-5 years. It is worth adding that the top twenty of the study conducted by GfK included as many as 13 Samsung TVs, including the OLED 65S95B. This is another signal confirming the growing popularity of OLED from Samsung, which, next to the 2022 models, offers two new series with quantum dot, S90C and S95C with screens with a diagonal of 55, 65 and 77 inches.

Samsung OLED – perfect for movie, sports and gamers

Samsung OLED TVs offer deep blacks, pure whites and a full range of vivid colors. Thanks to modern, self-emissive pixels and Quantum Dot technology, viewers can enjoy a stunning, cinematic image. In turn, the improved process of upscaling lower resolution materials to a quality close to 4K makes the image extremely detailed, characterized by optimal brightness and enhanced contrast. Reliable color reproduction is confirmed by the “PANTONE Verified” certificate. The visual experience is complemented by Laser Design, which gives the screen lightness and elegance.

What gamers appreciate about the OLED S90C is that, thanks to smooth motion up to 144 Hz in 4K, they can enjoy improved dynamics without lags and blurs in every game. Add to this the intelligent capabilities of the Tizen platform, an excellent set of 1,000 applications and the amazing sound experience provided by Dolby Atmos technology, and you can count on an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Samsung TVs are based on the secure Tizen operating system secured with Samsung Knox. The Samsung Knox platform meets the stringent requirements set by governments and organizations around the world and ensures the security of the Samsung Galaxy mobile device family. Samsung is constantly expanding the list of certificates awarded to the Knox platform by the most prestigious institutions.

A promotion for Samsung OLED TVs has just started, under which you can get up to PLN 2,000 refund to your account. The offer includes two models – S95C with a screen diagonal of 77, 65 or 55 inches and S90C in 77 inches. The promotion lasts until December 31, 2023 in selected sales networks.

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