This matter concerns all Poles. The National Health Fund warns against fraudsters

This matter concerns all Poles.  The National Health Fund warns against fraudsters

Every day, Poles fall victim to various fraudsters operating online. Fraudsters have found another way to extort data and money. They impersonate the National Health Fund (NFZ).

The National Health Fund has issued a special announcement in which it warns against fraudsters. More and more websites resembling the website of the National Health Fund began to appear on the Internet. Check what to pay attention to so as not to get stuck in the bottle.

How to distinguish a fake NFZ website from the original?

Fake websites impersonating the National Health Fund contain information about the insurance card, which expires and must be renewed by completing a short form. This is a trick invented by fraudsters to obtain sensitive data (name and surname, telephone number, credit or debit card number, etc.) and extort money. Keep in mind that The National Health Fund does not issue any insurance cards, does not collect money via its website, and does not collect any credit or debit card data.

It is worth paying special attention to the address of the websites and websites you open. The real website of the National Health Fund operates at: and has a security certificate (trusted websites are always preceded by the “https” communication protocol). Meanwhile, fake websites of the National Health Fund created by fraudsters operate at addresses such as: : :

  • hxxps://odnowanie-bezpieczowe(.)com

  • hxxps://nfz.odnowowanie-bezpieczowe(.)info

  • hxxps://odnowanie-bezpieczowe(.)info

It must be remembered that these are only a few of many different possibilities and combinations. There are many more. Therefore, never click on any suspicious and unverified links (including those sent in text messages to mobile phones or e-mails). A moment of carelessness can cost you dearly and lead to loss of money.

How to protect yourself against fraud on the National Health Fund (and others)?

First of all, you need to be vigilant at every stage of using the Internet. “Very often, criminals take advantage not only of our reduced cognitive resources, but also of our distraction resulting from, for example, fatigue, heavy responsibilities or fast pace of life,” noted Prof. in a recent interview with WPROST. Tomasz Grzyb. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the websites you open, please contact the nearest police station.

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