Do you sell on Vinted, Allegro or OLX? You may soon be audited by the Tax Office

People selling products on the Vinted platform are already checked by the tax office, and users of Allegro and OLX may soon also be checked.

The Tax Office controls sellers on Vinted

Vinted has provided data about its users' transactions to the tax office, and the tax office is already calling on Poles for explanations – writes Some of the platform's users received information that they were to send it a report on transactions carried out in 2023. If they do not do this, the consequence will be the blocking of the account (most likely until the matter is clarified).

What report is this about? Fortunately, sellers controlled by the tax office do not have to calculate anything themselves, because Vinted offers the function of automatically generating a report for a given period. Such a report should be sent to the address indicated in the received message. It will then be forwarded to the Tax Office.

When asked about the legal basis on which the platform collects user data and delivers it to the Tax Office, Vinted representatives replied that it results from the EU directive DAC7, which has been in force for three years and is intended to prevent tax fraud.

In Poland, this directive will enter into force only on July 1, 2024, but Vinted is registered in Lithuania, where it is already in force.

Sellers from Allegro and OLX will also be controlled

Vinted users are already being controlled, but the Tax Office does not intend to stop at them alone. “In a moment (when Poland implements the DAC7 directive, i.e. from July 1 this year – editor's note), sellers on OLX and Allegro can expect inspections from tax offices. Some people are at risk of having their accounts and money withdrawn blocked,” reports Wyborcza, which obtained such information.

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