Unusual data. The occupational costs of depression among men were calculated

Unusual data.  The occupational costs of depression among men were calculated

The costs of professional absenteeism of people aged 35-49 caused by depression range from PLN 1 billion to PLN 2.6 billion, depending on the year. These data are shocking.

Depression is already treated as a civilization disease. More and more people are struggling with it, which also has a huge impact on the economy. Days off from work and the reduced efficiency of sick employees are also of great importance to companies. The calculations are thought-provoking.

Depression is also dangerous for the economy

The number of days absent from work is over 1.5 million in 2021. It was similar in 2022.

– Men’s depression is more difficult than women’s depression because men do not seek health care as often – says in an interview with MarketNews24, Dr. of health sciences Anna Kaźmierczak-Mytkowska, specialist in clinical psychology, medical director for children and youth of the CBT Center. – Therefore, they receive a diagnosis much later and receive information much later on how they can help themselves optimize their functioning.

Men’s depression is often covered by the feeling of being excessively burdened with responsibilities, but also by anxiety explained by anger and aggression, and therefore bears little resemblance to the image of classic depression.

Efficiency lower by up to 20%.

Impaired concentration and determination reduces men’s effectiveness in professional work. Statistics show that difficulties in concentrating attention and planning intellectual effort reduce men’s effectiveness by approximately 20%.

Depression is the reason for absenteeism from work and numerous sick days. Calculations of the burden on the health care system and social services amount to billions of zlotys.

– Stabilizing working conditions, but also drawing employers’ attention to the symptoms of male depression seem to be extremely important in reducing costs also incurred by business – comments Dr. Anna Kaźmierczak-Mytkowska from the CBT Center.

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