The castle in Stobnica may cost up to PLN 400 million. “The cost didn’t matter”

The castle in Stobnica may cost up to PLN 400 million.  "The cost didn't matter"

More facts about the construction of the castle in Stobnica. “Gazeta Wyborcza” obtained information from an informant who explained the investor’s motivation. The prosecutor’s office also provided the estimated cost.

Great controversies, unclear decisions of local authorities, prosecutor’s investigation and the resignation of the voivode. This is a brief description of the construction of the castle in Stobnica, which became famous in 2018. This is an investment by Poznań businessman Paweł N. and his sons Dymitr and Tymoteusz. It was built on land that once belonged to the State Forests (the previous owner won the lawsuit) and the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. The university used to have fish ponds there. The castle that is being built will refer in style to medieval buildings.

Unconventional needs

As one of Paweł N.’s friends told “Gazeta Wyborcza”, this investment perfectly reflects what kind of person the investor is. He is said to have a very strong belief that he must achieve every goal he sets for himself. At first, he was looking for a castle that could be rebuilt or restored, but finally… he decided to build such a building from scratch. Apparently money didn’t play a role here. The project was treated with ambition and was supposed to succeed regardless of the difficulties. This information also sheds new light on many irregularities that are alleged against the investment.

According to the findings of prosecutor Łukasz Stanke, who is investigating the case, the first inquiries regarding the investment appeared already in 2009. It was then that the investor contacted the municipal office in Oborniki to prepare a spatial development plan. The idea was to create a “service and residential development”. Back then, it was not said that it would be a castle, but a five-star hotel with a “unique form”. Already at this stage, the prosecutor noticed the first irregularities.

A castle worth several hundred million zlotys

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the appraiser commissioned by the prosecutor’s office to evaluate the investment costs claims that the construction works could have already cost over PLN 152 million. The opinion comes from October 2019, when the castle’s structure was in a shell state. According to expert estimates, the entire investment may ultimately cost up to PLN 400 million.

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