Find out if you’re a narcissist. Test only for the brave

Find out if you're a narcissist.  Test only for the brave

It is estimated that narcissists may constitute about 6-7% of the population. general population. Find out if you are in this group – answer 15 simple questions in our test.

Almost everyone has heard of a narcissist in primary school during a Polish language class. This term comes from Greek mythology. It refers to the story of a beautiful young man who, thanks to his incredible beauty, fell in love with all forest nymphs. None of them, however, warmed a place in his heart. The handsome man loved only hunting. By the time. One day, the boy looked into the mirror of water and saw his reflection in it. That moment changed everything. Narcissus fell in love with himself. From then on, he looked into the depths of the stream every day and marveled at what he saw. The world ceased to exist for him. Nothing else mattered. In the end, he died of longing for an unattainable love, and a flower with white petals and a heart of gold grew on his grave. The plant was named narcissus.

Where does narcissism come from?

And what is narcissism itself? It is a certain set of personality traits that significantly affect the way a person behaves in everyday life, at home and at work. It affects her relationships with the closest environment (acquaintances, friends, family, etc.). The sources of narcissism are most often experiences from childhood and early youth, as well as the model of upbringing appropriate by the parents. If the child’s caregivers do everything in their power to meet their child’s every need, there is a good chance that the child will grow up to be a narcissist. A similar risk also occurs when a toddler is given too little attention. It is therefore difficult to say unequivocally what contributes to the emergence of narcissism. It consists of many different factors: educational, environmental and genetic.

Take the test – find out if you are a narcissist

Another question arises: how does a narcissist behave and what characterizes him? You can find out by taking our test. See if you have something of a mythical young man in love with his reflection.

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