To the bank with e-ID. The first Polish bank introduces an innovation

To the bank with e-ID.  The first Polish bank introduces an innovation

The first Polish bank started accepting e-ID cards. From now on, identity can be confirmed at company branches using a smartphone. Other institutions will soon follow the example of the well-known bank.

PKO Bank Polski announced a significant innovation in digitalization. The company has started accepting mID, available in the new mObywatel 2.0 application. Now, when confirming identity in banking matters, we will no longer have to reach into our wallet to look for a plastic document.

e-ID respected at PKO Bank Polski

According to the company, the latest changes came into force on Monday, August 28 and are valid in all bank branches. During their next visit to the counter, customers can easily and quickly identify themselves using their mobile phone – just scan the QR code provided to us by the employee.

Interestingly, PKO BP is even a bit ahead of the curve here – the provisions of the act require the document to be respected from September 1, and the company decided to complete the provisions a few days earlier.

“When handling banking matters at a branch, customers no longer have to confirm their details with a traditional ID card. All they need is to have the mObywatel 2.0 application on their phone, where mID is available. They can confirm their identity with it in the same way as with a regular ID card or passport. This possibility eliminates the risk of a situation in which the customer forgets the traditional document and cannot confirm his identity at the bank branch,” the bank writes in its official information.

mID is not an ID card – pay attention to the differences

mID available in the mObywatel 2.0 application is an extremely useful function, but unfortunately it will not fully replace a physical document. It is important to remember that the virtual version is a different document, not a one-to-one digital copy of our plastic card.

Virtual mID is equivalent to regular ID, but is respected only within Poland – it is worth remembering this when traveling abroad. A digital document also has a completely different series and number, its issue date and expiration date are also different.

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