Jacek Ozdoba accepted the challenge from Donald Tusk. He published a video from “Żyleta”

Jacek Ozdoba accepted the challenge from Donald Tusk.  He published a video from "Żyleta"

Jacek Ozdoba decided to respond to Donald Tusk’s words. This is about the challenge that was put forward during the prime minister’s expose. And it was about the Legia Warszawa match.

The former deputy minister of climate decided to go to a football match last Sunday before Christmas. Jacek Ozdoba watched closely the struggles between Legia Warsaw and Cracovia in the 5th round of Ekstraklasa. He posted reports from the stadium at Łazienkowska on social media. “There is power! “Dream about Warsaw” PS Mr. Donald Tusk, Żyleta,” he wrote under the recording.

Legia – Cracovia. Jacek Ozdoba on “Żyleta”

Why did the politician of Sovereign Poland tag Donald Tusk in his entry? Well, in this way he referred to the situation that took place during the prime minister’s expose. When the head of government introduced the new minister of sports, there was a lot of commotion in the meeting room.

– Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Minister of Sports, but he is not “Żyleta”, Mr. Ozdoba and Matecki – said Szymon Hołownia. The Speaker of the Sejm assured that the new government would build stadiums and there would be plenty of room for similar behavior there. – We are in the Sejm and I understand the excitement, everyone appreciates and loves Minister Nitras, but more on that later. Mr Ozdoba, I see that you are tired. But maybe you wouldn’t bother us, appealed the head of Poland 2050.

– Mr. Marshal, I don’t think that Minister Ozdoba would ever risk going to “Żyleta”. I am not going – assured Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

When asked by journalists whether he would cope with “Żylet”, the MP from the PiS club replied that he was a Legia fan. – This was said by a Lechia Gdańsk fan in relation to a Legia fan, so I don’t really understand where Donald Tusk is in this case. I know Wyldstyle, so I don’t understand why he directed it at me. For me there is no reason to be afraid. Sometimes I go to Legia matches. It’s a bit unfortunate that it’s about me, he replied.

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