This diet has been voted the best in 2024 by nutritionists. It helps you lose weight, but that's not all

This diet has been voted the best in 2024 by nutritionists.  It helps you lose weight, but that's not all

There are a lot of different diets, and even the strangest ones can be found on the Internet. Which of them is the healthiest for us? Polish dietitians chose the diets that work best on our body, but also indicated the most harmful ones.

Nutrition plays a key role in our health on many levels. It provides the body with essential nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for proper everyday functioning. We have a lot of diets to choose from, but the question arises which one is the best. Dietitians gave a clear answer and selected the undisputed winner.

What diet is the best according to Polish dietitians?

Experts from “examined” 32 popular diets. The criteria include effectiveness, health benefits and ease of use. Such a study was conducted in the form of an anonymous online survey with the participation of 72 people – they were specialists in the field of dietetics.

There was only one winner and he was undisputed. Experts consider the Mediterranean diet to be the best diet. It disqualified all the others because it is recommended by as many as 100 percent of dietitians who participated in the study. This diet also took first place last year. Its effectiveness is confirmed by a number of studies. It is not only healthy, but also extremely tasty. It is based primarily on the consumption of whole grains (in the form of bread and other cereal products), as well as vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. It is also characterized by a large consumption of fish. In turn, the basic source of fat is olive oil.

What other diets are recommended by dietitians in 2024?

What other diets are suitable for our body? In second place was the DASH diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) – 92 percent of dietitians recommend it, and only 3 percent advise against it (the rest “have no opinion”). It is especially recommended for people who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Its basis is to reduce the calorie content of meals, and the main recommendation in the diet is to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables. The consumption of fish and complex carbohydrates is also important. The most important thing is to limit highly processed foods, saturated fats, simple carbohydrates and sodium and avoid eating fried foods.

In turn, the glycemic index diet took third place in the ranking. It is recommended by 72 percent of dietitians, and only 7 percent advise against it (the rest had no opinion on this matter). This is a way to slim figure and good health. This diet helps in controlling your appetite. It is based on eating meals that contain a low glycemic index (after eating them, the blood sugar level does not increase rapidly).

What diets are the worst for our body?

Since we have already listed the diets that work best on our body, it is also worth mentioning those that are most discouraged by dietitians. We are talking about diets that took the last three places in the ranking. The cabbage soup diet was considered the worst – no dietitian recommended it. The same is the case with the juice diet, which is usually used to detox the body. It involves drinking juices, which replace all solid products from the menu.

The diet that 97 percent of dietitians advise against (or are skeptical about) is Dąbrowska's diet. Although it has its admirers, most specialists do not consider it suitable due to the fact that with long-term use there is a risk of deficiencies.

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