Replace butter with this paste. It “boosts” metabolism and lowers cholesterol

Replace butter with this paste.  It "boosts" metabolism and lowers cholesterol

Can't you imagine sandwiches without butter? Once you know our recipe for bread spread, you won't reach for this fat so willingly. We present a paste that does not make you fat and also lowers the level of “bad cholesterol”. Its main ingredient are small, inconspicuous seeds.

Butter is undoubtedly one of the most popular (though not the healthiest) bread spreads. It is also a highly caloric product (100 grams is up to 750 kcal). Butter consumed in excess can lead to weight gain. Therefore, people on a reducing diet usually have to give up adding this fat to sandwiches. However, there is another, much more advantageous solution – replacing butter with another spread. Sunflower paste is perfect. See how to prepare it.

Recipe for sunflower seed paste instead of butter

Preparing sunflower paste is not complicated and does not require much work. All you need to do is combine four ingredients – sunflower seeds without husks (about 180 grams), half a teaspoon of salt, five tablespoons of vegetable oil and a pinch of pepper to taste. You can use a regular blender for this purpose. However, remember to rinse the sunflower seeds thoroughly and soak them in cold or lukewarm water. It is best to leave them there overnight. Thanks to this, they will soften, which will make their subsequent processing much easier. After soaking, the seeds need to be rinsed and drained again.

This is the simplest recipe for sunflower paste. Of course, you can vary it as you like and enrich the spread with other ingredients, for example dried tomatoes, parsley, dried basil, garlic or smoked paprika. It all depends on individual preferences. Thanks to these additions, it will have an even more interesting taste. However, the basic variant of sunflower paste seems to be the most universal. It has a delicate taste. Suitable for various types of sandwiches. It also works great as a dip for vegetables or crackers.

How does sunflower paste support weight loss?

Sunflower seeds are a high-calorie product (100 grams contain about 580 calories). However, don't let this number scare you. Contrary to appearances, seeds help reduce body weight. They contain large amounts of protein and fiber, which improve the functioning of the digestive system and provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. They suppress the feeling of hunger, which significantly reduces the risk of snacking and reaching for unhealthy snacks between meals. Therefore, they facilitate weight control. In addition, they “boost” metabolism, accelerating fat burning.

Other properties of sunflower paste

Sunflower paste not only supports weight loss. It also has many other properties. It does not cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Lowers the level of “bad cholesterol” and hypertension. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Strengthens concentration. It reduces inflammation and protects against the development of various diseases, including atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

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