More and more Poles are losing their teeth. What are the causes of cavities in the mouth and what to do with an incomplete smile?

More and more Poles are losing their teeth.  What are the causes of cavities in the mouth and what to do with an incomplete smile?

The latest research is not optimistic. Today, the average Pole is missing two teeth, and every fifth of us is missing one, two or three teeth. For many people, missing teeth are not only a reason for shame, hiding their smile and problems with clear speech, but also the beginning of a number of diseases that attack the entire body.

More and more people appear in dental offices whose toothlessness results in gastrointestinal problems, mineral deficiencies and protrusion of opposing teeth in the jaw. What is the cause of numerous cavities in the mouth? Which treatment method is currently the most effective?

Causes of toothlessness – is only inadequate hygiene to blame?

Toothlessness is a complex problem caused by many factors. A large proportion of patients lose teeth as a result of aggressive periodontal disease. This specific type of inflammation begins in young adults and is characterized by rapid loss of connective tissue attachment and alveolar bone.

The consequence of the disease is loosening and premature loss of teeth. Another cause of toothlessness is improperly performed endodontic treatment, which caused serious inflammation. The problem is also faced by heavy smokers and people who did not pay attention to proper oral hygiene when they were children. Tooth loss in many patients is also the result of a genetic predisposition. Toothlessness means not only inadequate hygiene, but also a number of diseases that patients have no control over.

Are dentures the best solution to the problem of toothlessness?

To this day, the most frequently used method of masking toothlessness is removable dentures. Unfortunately, this solution very often causes health problems, including: makes it difficult to perceive taste stimuli. Another problem is the long process of adaptation of patients to changes in the oral cavity. Removable dentures become brittle over time and cause pressure sores on the gums. The prosthesis also hinders the process of bone nutrition, which leads to its progressive loss.

Implants restore a healthy smile

Technological advances in the field of dentistry are opening alternative paths for removable dentures. Currently, the most effective, painless and non-causing solution is implantological treatment. Doctor Barbara Sobczak, author of the latest implant treatment protocol, Sobczak Concept®, has been restoring patients' healthy smiles and eliminating the damage caused by toothlessness for years. The mentioned implant treatment takes place in just a few hours and is based on computer planning using 3D printers and 5-axis Full HD milling machines. The treatment is carried out in complete comfort for the patient, so he can return home on the same day with his “third teeth”, without bone reduction and artificial gums.

The alarming condition of Poles' teeth is a signal for many of us how important it is to take care of oral hygiene. Toothlessness is a problem that is still associated with older people. Unfortunately, this condition affects more and more young people, significantly affecting their quality of life. Removable dentures, still used in the treatment of toothlessness, are not always effective and instead of solving the problem, they cause more health damage. Luckily. Thanks to technological progress, many patients now have a chance to painlessly restore their lost smile. The fully digital Sobczak Concept® implant treatment method is an alternative to prostheses that are improperly fitted, brittle and cause pressure sores, which can gradually even lead to the loss of unnourished bone.

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