A hall in Warsaw’s Żerań district is on fire. Over 100 people were evacuated

A hall in Warsaw's Żerań district is on fire.  Over 100 people were evacuated

An industrial hall is on fire in Warsaw’s Żerań district. According to the rescue services, over 100 people were evacuated from the building.

The industrial hall at 3 Annopol Street in Warsaw’s Żerań district burst into flames in the morning. According to the District Police Headquarters, the report was received at 8.23. According to witness statements, the evacuation of the building began around 8:15 a.m. when smoke detectors in the hall went off and the alarm went off.

Food products are stored in the hall. The Fire Department reports that over 70 percent building is already engulfed in fire. Rescue operations are difficult because the structure is at risk of collapse. According to some witnesses, part of the roof had already collapsed.

50 firefighters and 16 fire brigade vehicles are working at the fire site. There are also ambulances and police present, securing the area. Firefighters are trying to put out the fire, but also protect the surrounding buildings. The surrounding buildings are mainly other warehouses. If they are not properly secured, there is a risk that the fire will spread to neighboring buildings. Smoke coming from the warehouse is visible from many places in the city.

According to the website niebezpiecznik.pl, the call center of the T-mobile mobile network is located in the hall. There is no information whether it was engulfed in fire.

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