They lost her luggage. After two months, she regained her suitcases, from which a lot of things were missing

They lost her luggage.  After two months, she regained her suitcases, from which a lot of things were missing

Sarah Waite lost her suitcase due to an Air France error. She tried to get her things back for two months. When the bag came into her hands, the girl experienced quite a shock.

Unfortunately, lost luggage at the airport is quite common for passengers traveling by plane. Especially if they are going on a trip that involves a transfer. The victim of such an incident was Sarah Waite, who was flying from Los Angeles to Athens via Paris. The young woman lost her suitcase. After long and arduous efforts, she managed to get her things back. Unfortunately, not all of them.

They lost her luggage. It took her 2 months to get it back

This trip was supposed to be like any other for Sara. The girl was flying from Los Angeles to Athens on an Air France plane, but had a layover in Paris. Unfortunately, her luggage was lost during the trip.

“I went to collect my luggage, but almost all passengers were informed that it would arrive later. We had to submit special requests to the Air France office at 2 a.m. local time. There were probably 60 other people in the same situation,” the girl said.

Hoping to speed things up, Sarah applied online instead of waiting in a physical queue.

Initially, the airline staff at the Athens airport reassured the passenger, saying that the bag would definitely arrive, but with a delay. At 5 a.m., three hours after landing, the tourist finally left Athens International Airport – without her luggage.

A week after landing in Athens, Sarah received a notification from her Apple AirTag tracker that her bag had left Paris and was already in Greece.

When she went to pick her up, Air France staff said her suitcase was missing. Interestingly, the AirTag ID indicated that it was at an airport. The girl spent two whole months without her belongings.

She lost items worth £1,000

The tourist went to the airport several times over many weeks. Finally, after 2 months, she managed to get her lost suitcase back.

But first, she had a real battle with airport employees. “The people who helped me were very rude, shouting when I expressed frustration. They said they couldn’t do anything even though they worked at the airport. They even threatened to call the police because I started recording the situation on video,” she said.

The staff finally agreed to take Sarah to the lost and found department. And here she found her luggage.

When the 25-year-old finally managed to get her bag back, she was shocked. It turned out that the suitcase was damaged and items worth £1,000 were missing – including shoes and make-up.

Sarah described the whole experience as “terrible and traumatic”. The trip to Athens was to be the trip of her life. She wanted to learn about ancient culture and the most famous monuments in the world.

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