Do trees in Polish forests eat snow? The photos of the mysterious phenomenon are intriguing

Do trees in Polish forests eat snow?  The photos of the mysterious phenomenon are intriguing

Foresters pointed out that we can currently witness unusual sights in the forests. There are points here where the white fluff near the trees strangely disappears. What is it about?

“Snow on the grass, snow on the leaf litter, there is snow everywhere, except for the tree trunk itself” – this is the message published by representatives of the Polish Forest District. The news appeared in the form of a Facebook post on the “State Forests” website and quickly caught the attention of Internet users. What is this all about?

A mysterious phenomenon in the forest. Strange empty spaces near the trees

Mysterious phenomena in forests have been occurring for a long time. Quite recently, attention was drawn to the so-called devilish circles, which could suggest that – at least – witches’ sabbaths take place there. Of course, there is no need to explain that we were talking about mere associations that have little to do with reality. Most of these sightings have explanations, and this is also the case with disappearing snow.

In winter, when snow falls, you can notice strange empty circles forming around the trees in the forest. The white fluff seems to have evaporated, and although we see thick layers of it everywhere, only grass remains near the trunk and roots. You might think that someone comes to the forest to clear snow, but the situation is completely different.

Who takes snow from trees? We explain the mysterious phenomenon

Foresters explained that the empty snowless circles that appear around tree trunks are formed naturally. “The trunk of a tree is able to absorb as much as 80 percent of solar radiation, which causes it to heat up intensely and thus accelerate the melting of snow,” it was revealed in a Facebook post. “Freshly fallen snow absorbs only 5 percent of the sun’s rays, but reflects the rest and does not heat up as much. The result is snowless holes around the trees,” it was explained further.

It seems that although the phenomenon looks mysterious, it is not as complicated as it may seem. We can see what exactly we are talking about in Marcin Scelin’s photo. Over a thousand users reacted to the post about the interesting fact, many of them were enchanted by the fact.

“Thank you very much for this information, because I have wondered about it many times,” wrote one of the men. “I have a property next to a forest and I thought that deer or wild boars were sleeping on the ground at night and the snow had melted. I bought apples and left them there,” added another forest lover. As it turned out, almost all the guesses were wrong and only some knew the secret of the secret. Have you ever seen such trees?

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