The master of mushroom picking has much to brag about. He won the king of the forest weighing 2 kg

The master of mushroom picking has much to brag about.  He won the king of the forest weighing 2 kg

The harvest of Mr. Grzegorz from Kiełpiny was exceptionally fruitful. When he was going to the forest, he never dreamed that such a surprise could happen to him. Mushroom picking is something to be proud of. His boletus weighs almost 2 kg.

Although the season for mushroom picking is associated with autumn, many people also look for mushrooms in the summer. It turns out that it’s worth it, especially if we choose the right place and know our stuff. The real expert turned out to be Mr. Grzegorz from the village of Kiełpin located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. He came across the king of the forest with an exceptional weight.

Giant mushroom in Polish forest. There’s something to be proud of

We learned about a spectacular specimen picked by a mushroom picker from one of the Facebook pages. It turns out that the portal reached the lucky man and photographed his find. In the pictures you can see a huge boletus noble, i.e. the so-called. king of the forest. It’s hard to believe it’s that big.

The mushroom looks magnificent and shimmers with light brown colors. It weighs almost 2 kg and is the size of several hands – it has a diameter of 36 cm. To return from a forest expedition with such a giant, you must be extremely lucky. Many people in Poland enjoy such, sometimes it turns out that it is enough to brush off the moss to reveal boletes, for example. It is important to remember not to let yourself be absorbed only by pleasure during the harvest, but also to ensure safety. Otherwise, we may end up like the tourist who got lost in the woods and had to stay there all night to get home.

Mr. Grzegorz was much more lucky, he revealed to the media that he took advantage of the favorable weather and the forest in Kashubia, where it had been raining for a month. Mushrooms love such conditions, so experienced harvesters take advantage of such opportunities.

Photos of boletus arouse admiration and envy

Mr. Grzegorz came across boletus in the grass – it turned out that it grew near the railway tracks. Photos of his specimen, which can be seen, among others, on Facebook – you can see that they caused a lot of emotions. – Users wrote congratulations. Others added: “I had those too” and shared their photos. In addition, there were comments, such as that in Germany, for example, such a collection is punishable. However, it seems that no one in Poland cares about possible fines.

It is worth noting that the mushroom season can be considered open. Internet users more and more often inform about a large outbreak of porcini mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, butter mushrooms, chanterelles and boletes in many parts of Poland.

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