They discovered that ships had sails. Wind Wings are supposed to be more ecological

They discovered that ships had sails.  Wind Wings are supposed to be more ecological

Cargill has announced a “revolutionary” project to add sails to a ship. The company is quite serious about the innovative project of Wind Wings metal sails, which are to change maritime transport. The first tests of the new device are currently underway.

Sea transport accounts for approximately 2.1%. global carbon dioxide emissions, so various companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint (and at the same time reduce operating costs). The solution for container ships may be sails – historically the standard on every ship for many long centuries.

Container ships with sails may be the future

The shipping company Cargill decided to conduct an experiment with Wind Wings – special sails manufactured by the British company BAR Technologies. Metal structures differ significantly from classic canvas sails, but they have a very similar purpose – they catch the wind and allow the craft to move.

Container ships with sails still use fuel and emit CO2, but the addition of impressive sails allows them to reduce fuel consumption quite significantly. It is supposed to be up to 30 percent. less throughout the ship’s service life. Cargill decided to test the technology in practice and installed prototype sails on a vessel performing a standard order.

The first tests of Wind Wings – a container ship with sails sails to Brazil

The Pyxis Ocean ship was equipped with two masts measuring over 37 meters. They feature sails made of the same materials as durable wind turbines. Just like classic structures, the sails can roll in and out, depending on whether the ship is entering a port or heading out to the open sea.

Pyxis Ocean is currently sailing from China to Brazil to test the performance of the sails over long distances and in changing weather conditions. The journey is expected to take approximately six weeks. BAR engineers are also on board to carefully examine the operation of the Wind Wings sails. The information collected is intended to help the company iron out any shortcomings and then make corrections before a wider commercial debut.

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