Your e-PIT service has been launched. You can settle your accounts online

Relief for the Internet.  Who is entitled to it and how to settle it?

Thanks to the Your e-PIT service, which has just been launched on, it is possible to settle income tax online.

The first quarter of each year is traditionally the time of tax settlements with the Tax Office. On February 15, the Your e-PIT service was officially launched in Poland, which allows you to settle taxes for 2023.

As we read on the website, from this year it is possible to settle income from business activities and special agricultural production in the service, so many new taxpayers can use it.

PIT settlement online

This is the sixth year in a row that Poles have the opportunity to meet their tax obligations via the Internet. Currently, the Your e-PIT service is supported in three language versions: Polish, English and Ukrainian.

The service provided by the Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration allows you to submit a PIT-28, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37, PIT-38 tax return as well as a PIT-OP statement and PIT-DZ information.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Your e-PIT is one of the most popular digital services in Poland prepared by the state administration. And every year the interest in it is growing, which is best evidenced by the numbers quoted by a representative of the National Tax Administration.

Year by year, our service is becoming more and more popular among taxpayers. In the 2022 settlement, taxpayers sent almost 12 million declarations via Your e-PIT, and another 8 million via e-Declarations. Only 1.3 million – or about 6%. submitted in paper version. For comparison, in 2018, we received less than 7 million returns via Your e-PIT service, and 20 percent taxpayers submitted their declarations on paper – says the head of the National Tax Administration, Marcin Łoboda.

Much faster tax refund

People who want to obtain a faster refund of overpaid income tax should be particularly interested in using the Your e-PIT service. When settling online, it takes up to 45 days, and not up to three months, as is the case with traditional paper returns.

People who need help filing a tax return online will be helped by the KASPRO chatbot, which will assist in completing the application online and answer any questions regarding settlements of natural persons.

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