They are the ones working on the new Witcher. CD Projekt RED has a huge team

They are the ones working on the new Witcher.  CD Projekt RED has a huge team

Polish CD Projekt RED has an impressive team working on The Witcher 4. The Polaris project already has a huge team, and it will soon grow even more. Currently, this is one of the company’s most key projects.

The mysterious Polaris project was announced by CD Projekt some time ago. The company quickly made players aware that this would be one of the largest ventures of the Warsaw-based company to date. Now we’ve learned a little more about the work on The Witcher 4.

The Witcher 4 – 260 people work on the Polaris project

During the last meeting with investors, the head of CD Projekt RED, Adam Kiciński, revealed some secrecy about the work ongoing in the company. The Polaris project, a continuation of the series of games set in the world of The Witcher, is currently to be the second most important project in the studio – noted the manager. Now the first violin is played by the Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty expansion, which will soon appear on the market.

However, The Witcher 4 will quickly take the throne when it comes to the focus of the Polish company. Currently, an impressive team of approximately 260 people is working on the new game. Moreover, after the release of Phantom Liberty, the vast majority of employees are to be transferred from Cyberpunk to Polaris. This means that the title will be handled by a huge number of specialists.

Current reports indicate that the next big game in the Witcher universe will not necessarily focus on Geralt, but will most likely start a completely new trilogy. Project Sirius – another game in the same universe – may worry investors more. The game prototype was thrown into the trash this year.

Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty is the first and last DLC

Kiciński also took the opportunity to clearly emphasize that Phantom Liberty will be the company’s farewell to Cyberpunk. Initially, the company talked about 2 DLCs, but eventually they settled on one expansion.

The decision has been made. We announced a long time ago that we do not intend to create a second or third expansion. This is the only expansion for the game and it has nothing to do with numbers or how happy we are with sales or anything like that – said the head of CD Projekt RED.

The strong basis of this strategy is technical issues. Cyberpunk runs on its own RED Engine, and the company is currently changing the technology to Unreal Engine 5. Phantom Liberty will therefore be the last project using the RED Engine.

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